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Province Plans

My friend from the province is currently researching about house floor plans, as they have just purchased a huge lot next to the creek. She has got quite a big family (she has 4 children and another one on the way!) so my friend and her husband are quite particular about their house plans. Two of her requirements are : for the children to have their own rooms, and for the overall ambiance to be country style. One time when I spoke to her husband, he was looking for cabin plans to suit his pregnant wife’s dream house, I referred him to I was talking to both of them and told them that they are lucky to be able to afford their dream house! They are both the same age as me and have a well established business in their province. I told my husband that maybe we should just go to the countryside and establish our own business too! It might just work! My husband and myself have always indulged in our province dreams, saying that we would put up our own resort by the bea…

Attempting again..

For the Nth time, I am attempting to make an entry! :)

I have given birth already about a month ago, bubba is 4 1/2 weeks now....... a GIRL! We've named her Bella. Not that I am a fan of the Twilight series. Neither is hubby a fan. I actually have not watched the movie/s yet. Nor have I read the book. I'll post the story behind her name in my other, more personalised blog. (Message me if you want the link!)

So far, I have had no decent sleep.. longest is about 3 hours straight! I try to catch some zzs during the daytime when I can and she is asleep.

So much has happened between a week before I gave birth, up until .. well, now. Short story: Was in the hospital for 12 days in total before/after giving birth. A few complications again, before and after birth.. All good now, though! I still have to fully recover, with my massive blood loss, but aside from mumma dramas, bub is well and good and healthy and heavy! Hehe.

I have been trying to find out how to restore my time/date sta…