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Come Home

I really hope this is it! Hubby has finally agreed to go home. Next month!! Yipee!! After 3 long years! (4 years for hubby).

There are so many reasons why I am even more excited for this trip home than the last (eons ago):

> Little girl will be 4 years old - She can now appreciate family time. She would have a B-L-A-S-T with her cousins (as they are all nearly the same age!).

>Quality time with grandparents/our parents. Our Parents are getting older and they long to spend time with us, as much as us with them. Little B is the most excited of all! We have been Skype-ing with my family very often lately. And this is as requested by my daughter. The bubbly up and down jumping when video of grandparents load -- is absolutely priceless!!!! (My heart melts).

>It's been too long since our small family has had a proper vacation. I don't even remember the last one. Must have been 4 years ago. That. Long. Ago. Although we are on a tighter budget this time around, I am still th…

Life as Parents - Stage one

Silent movies exist - Yes, they still exist. A lot of them. Avatar. Wolverine. Superman 2. The Vow. Dear John. The Lucky One. Green Hornet. Avengers. Fast and Furious. Skyfall. Life of Pi. And the list goes on. Sneaking a movie or two after lights are out can be tricky, especially if it is a LOUD film or a crude one, or.... Either way it must be subtitled! These are hubby and wifey movie dates now. Silent mode!

Spelling game - When you want something... c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e I have to spell them out or else the little one will want to have one too. (Trying to be good parents avoiding sugar - yah right!). Or, when we want to keep the story amongst adults about the c-r-a-p-p-y item we bought.. It's easier to spell it out than explain what it means to a 3 year old. We know sooner than later we are not able to use this method - as the little one is learning to spell and read. Give or take six more months?!

Privacy is non-existent / Endless questioning - Going to the toilet alone? I am drea…