Sunday, April 21, 2013

So much for something

It's 6AM and 9 degrees (C) outside. I've been awake for about 2 hours now. Somehow I am now thinking about the following weeks to come and the unexpected change that is about to happen. All for the best of course, is what we are all hoping for.

An opportunity knocked at my door a couple of months ago, but I declined it then. There were lots of things going on and change back then would have just rocked our boat big time. Uncertainty can do that sometimes. It was a tough choice to make since this was something I have been wanting to pursue (maybe for at least 12 years now!). But then timing was just so wrong, or so I thought it was. For all I know I was resisting too much something that was meant to be. I struggled deep inside to not take this chance even if I wanted it so bad.

Now, this same opportunity fell on my lap again last week. Quite unexpectedly. And this time around it will happen. I am longing for the less stressful work environment and the great hours.

Taking this opportunity means I have had to put on hold a few business plans for a while. I am praying so hard though that this is the right decision. I guess something that's blessed on you cannot be bad and can only lead to even better things. Surely when the timing is right the universe will conspire and inspire you to not resist the flow.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Girls Getaway

I'm planning our big girls' getaway to the West Coast USA as early as now, to avoid any disappointment in securing our flights and accommodations. I probably won't worry as much about booking our san francisco airport shuttle just yet, as I know there are an abundance of sfo airport shuttle companies available (visit the site for more information). Nonetheless an sfo shuttle is still on the list to do of course!

Somehow this girls getaway is very late and long overdue. Four of my best girlfriends live on four different continents. The last time we were all together was when we were young and lived in one country (oh, those were the days!). Now that all of us have our own families and live very different lives, we haven't been able to spend as much time with each other as we need. Coming up with a plan as to where to rendezvous was quite easy. Two of the ladies live in countries right next to each other, one having the youngest child which would be a challenge to be away for too long. Who would have thought it possible to meet internationally after all these years!

Being the travel agent in the group, naturally I was tasked to look for accommodations and source activities we could do. My other friend is looking for restaurants we could visit, while one other one is in charge of driving. Wouldn't it be great if all trips were planned like this? Everyone tasked to do something equally important - takes the stress out of planning a trip if I may say so.

I am off to do research about hotels now, and contacting the ones which I know sales representatives at (free upgrades?!). Just thinking about it all is getting me really excited! I can't wait for August!

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