Sunday, April 21, 2013

So much for something

It's 6AM and 9 degrees (C) outside. I've been awake for about 2 hours now. Somehow I am now thinking about the following weeks to come and the unexpected change that is about to happen. All for the best of course, is what we are all hoping for.

An opportunity knocked at my door a couple of months ago, but I declined it then. There were lots of things going on and change back then would have just rocked our boat big time. Uncertainty can do that sometimes. It was a tough choice to make since this was something I have been wanting to pursue (maybe for at least 12 years now!). But then timing was just so wrong, or so I thought it was. For all I know I was resisting too much something that was meant to be. I struggled deep inside to not take this chance even if I wanted it so bad.

Now, this same opportunity fell on my lap again last week. Quite unexpectedly. And this time around it will happen. I am longing for the less stressful work environment and the great hours.

Taking this opportunity means I have had to put on hold a few business plans for a while. I am praying so hard though that this is the right decision. I guess something that's blessed on you cannot be bad and can only lead to even better things. Surely when the timing is right the universe will conspire and inspire you to not resist the flow.

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