Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone!! :) Wishing you all the best for this season of faith, hope, love and FOOD! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Classic timepieces

I believe that there are some home pieces that can actually liven up the whole place by that mere pretty piece set in a good location at home. Of course, among other things such as a Christmas tree (given this season), grandfather clocks can do this to a home as well. At my grandparent’s old home, they used to have a really nice eye-catching grandfather clock that would do its round song, round the clock, and it would just be a source of conversation for first time visitors. If I were to buy my own one, and if I had a massive house, I would put it very close to the dining and living area. The cost is like buying your usual big appliance, so might as well make it a big thing part of the conversation!

These excellent timepieces are very much an accessory, as it is a practical home or office piece as seen in that photo of President Bush calling the new president elect Obama. Really, classic clocks can never really go out of style. There are a lot of clocks out in the market, but that one special one would be a reflection of one’s home style and character. I’ve seen a few of them that were very modern, while still some other ones are really a classic!

December Special : Christmas Island

Somewhere on the Indian Ocean, between Asia and Northern Western Australia, lies Christmas Island. This lovely tropical island, which is administered by the Australian government, is in fact home to the famous Red Crabs. There are after all, about 100 million of this species that call this island home. Every year sometime about November-December, these red crabs crawl their way and migrate to the shoreline to breed by the sea. Can you believe that they even have their own crossing grid, to facilitate their safe journey! (see photo!)

This red crab migration is such an interesting phenomenon, and here is a good read if you want more information about this whole process.

Getting to Christmas Island, one can travel from Perth or Kuala Lumpur. There are numerous Christmas Island accommodation type suitable for different travellers. A number of activities (birdwatching, photography, etc) Surely, this nature haven would bring so much excitement and great photos!

Sell and Buy

My sister in law and his husband was meant to buy a new house before they give birth to their child. It is now only about 3 months to go before she delivers her baby, but they still haven’t bought a new one. According to hubby, they are delaying a bit because they would end up selling their current home at a very depreciated value and would not want to do that. I was going to tell them that there were Round rock tx homes for sale that they may probably be interested in, but given their situation I would probably just save my words. Maybe in a few months’ time the financial situation of the world would be better. Although, in our recent general meeting at work, they are predicting that this global crisis may take us all until 2010 for things to go back to normal, whatever that means.

Office Christmas Parties

Don't we all just love this season of merrymaking, food, music, dressing up, friendships, families, gifts, giving, receiving, sharing, etc!

Last friday I attended my work Christmas party, and as much as I wanted to stay with the rest of the girls to party until at the most midnight (yes, I am old and this is a personal choice), I had other commitments to attend to so I stayed only for a few hours. Still good, and I am glad I left at that time, just enough for me to have enjoyed.

I know this is not uncommon, but a few years ago, again at the Office Christmas Party, there were quite a few unacceptable happenings that left some people regretting, others offended, and still the rest satisfied and happy. I think at these events, it is always still wise to keep some sort of etiquette. Especially since they are people we usually deal with on a professional level. Wouldn't one feel embarrassed if their boss witnessed drunk behaviour and lewdness?!

Oh London!

There are just so many places that I want to visit, and although I have been to Europe, I have not visited London. So for my next trip to Europe, when that is I don’t know yet, I would definitely be looking for cheap London hotels (or maybe stay with friends!). But then again, with my travel agent status I should find some really nice London hotel without having to ruin my budget.

For those who are looking to travel to this part of the world, it is always suggested to be canvassing rates early on perhaps a good five months before the trip. Truly there are sometimes great latest London hotel deals at this time. It would also be wise to study street guides which give depth info of the city of London. I know I would do this for each and every city I plan to visit..Okay, I may be sounding too much of a travel agent I should probably just leave your planning to you, but if you need help I am here!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Casual December

..Smart casual that is.

We've been advised that we are having December casual (as in casual day for the whole month!) Yahoo! Don't you just love rocking up at work in your comfy smart casuals. None of those uptight suits, or high heels and skirt dress ensemble. Well, just to give these outfits a bit of a few weeks break is fine (sometimes its fun to dress up all corporate-y too I know!).

It helps liven the atmosphere as well I guess when people are more comfortable, relaxed and jolly. Feels like a friday work-day I guess. It's always just been friday casuals at our company, and I noticed people are gleeful on this day before the weekend. I suppose that is the reason for it. Nonetheless, I am just looking forward to work now! Haha!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Buying presents

Sometimes I find myself in a dilemma when buying presents for people who already have it all. Really, how does one buy the perfect gift for these people? One of my family friends here is a classic example. Their family has everything, and I mean everything. I was thinking that maybe Visa gift cards are the way to go for them, so that I don't buy gift them with something that they don't need. I know though that they need love and peace, for Christmas. Last time I heard they may actually be going through a divorce. Sad, but true. Sometimes when we think people have everything, really they don't have it all, all the time. I wish I can just give them back their love for each other. That's life though.

Why do we need girl-friends?

And I don't mean lovers.

(coming from another girl).

We need someone to bitch with. Especially when it involves a current's EX.
We need someone to cry with. Especially after that big break up.
We need someone to call when we have that Lalala mood.
We need someone to remind us when enough is enough.
We need someone to share dramas with.
We need someone to share our giddy moments with.
We need someone to ask an honest question, to get an honest answer back.
We need someone to go for pedicures and manicures with.
We need someone to pep talk us.
We need someone to be there for us, someone who can be truly happy for us.
We need someone to enjoy girltalk with.
We need someone to witness our big day.
We need someone, to be able to be a someone (a girl friend) back.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tree Tree Tree

I've put up my first Christmas tree, ever. By myself. This time, as much it would have been cute to just use my old, small, wooden Christmas tree...I ended up buying this 5foot++ Christmas tree. And i have not regretted! Well, I've been thinking about buying a tree anyway for the past few weeks. The decision to put up a tree this year just came out of impulse so suddenly. I was on my way home, and passed the Home shop. Within the hour, I ended up buying a Tree, some ornaments, Christmas Baubles, tinsel, etc. Fast forward another two hours, my tree is up!! And I am proud :) and glad I have put up one this year...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Concert and Scrapping

I can't believe I got tickets to see Coldplay! Yipee! There was another pre-sale on the 29th of November and so I secured seats. Coolness. :) Gold Reserve seating.

And, I was able to catch up a year's worth of scrapping. I now am behind two years nalang! Haha! Well, a big improvement from being 4 years behind this. Hopefully I get to update this all the way to the present. It was quite nice to be able to reminisce a bit. I appreciate the places I've been to, the events I attended, the restaurants I've tried. And of course all these with the company of my family and or friends, or hubby. :)

The big 4-0

Turning 40 soon has had me thinking about a few things lately. One, major one is whether to have another baby. Hmm. I guess this is partly n...