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The week that was

Are there times at work when you feel like there's just too much to do, so little time? Is it about time management? Or is there really too much work to be done? I guess it can only be one or the other.

Don't you just feel obligated to carry on more burden than usual just to get things done? Particularly when a colleague is away and all their big chunk of files are parked on your already cluttered desk?

One can't always whinge (thats how Aussies say it, but in American terms it's whine). Sometimes one just has to pick it up and do it.

I've got two more weeks until my colleague whose files I am looking after returns back to work. I guess I just have to cope. I can imagine the fies I left at work when I went on my Manila trip last December.

It's all about teamwork, at the end of the day. Things need to be done. And that's the way it is.

I am so glad it's the weekend!! :) Enjoy people!

Plans and dream homes

I was so close to buying a property in the city a month ago. Thinking about everything involving House Plans excited me and hubby. However due to interest rates going up (it still is just heading straight to the ceiling) and other personal reasons I have decided to just hold off for now. Although our plans are on hold, we are still always talking about details on what kind of design or theme we would like for our first home together. Whether it was a country house or a very modern looking house, I’m sure it will be something nice. Hubby has got a great eye for quality furniture and about arranging them at home. Having said that I too like decorating my house however sometimes I have a tendency to buy one piece of furniture regardless if it matched my other furniture. I am learning though and soon I would be an expert at creating Home Plans ( I suppose still not as good as hubby).

Another thing that interests us is investing in a vacation home, away from the hustle and bustle of the cit…

A prelude to married life?

Hubby’s been nagging me to clean my credit card balance and bring it to zero. It’s the end of the financial year and our tax rebates would be available to us soon. We’ve been discussing finances lately and I keep telling him that I have my own way of paying my credit card off slowly but surely. He tells me that by paying off a little amount on my credit card I pay more on interest than I should if I pay it all of straight away. He says why not take out a loan. That way we don’t think of the credit card anymore and instead just work out the loan til payday. I am still not convinced, but I told him I’d consider it as well as taking out a cash advance. We also talked about just using our tax money to pay this off (just to satisfy him). This will be good so once our credit card bill is zero we could charge our next holiday to the card again! Haha!

There are so many things that one has to take into consideration prior to marriage. Married life involves talking about kids, finances, holidays…

Work out what's best for your business

When I was starting my career in travel, I’d hear about my friends who were working at call centres. We’d exchange daily stories about my passengers and bookings, while they would share about how they were given a telemarketing list of people to call and quotas to achieve per day. I sometimes think whether I’d survive living in a work environment that works around telemarketing lists. I guess call centre jobs are for some people and not for the others. Having said that though I myself used to work towards a sales target. It was not a very strict goal, but it involved going through my direct mailing list to see who I could send my travel packages to. I suppose in any business, we all work around trying to achieve our goal, however way that is for as long as it is legal and brings in the bacon then is the approach to productive working. What works for your business?

Listening to radio stations

My boyfriend is always the first to know or hear about whatever new gadget there is around. Well, at least, between the two of us he usually knows more about technology than me. However, when I asked him about high definition radio he wasn’t quite all knowing about this. I told him to go and just surf the internet about this, so that we could listen to new radio stations, instead of the old ones that we used to listen to. I have yet to find out whether iTunes Tagging can work on my Iphone. I am pretty sure it will work, I would just need to read more about it. Just thinking about this excites me! I will have to ask the girls at work if they know about this. This whole new revolution of listening to high definition sound is exciting! Out with the analog ways, and move in with digital!

On being tropical ~ A list

Having relocated to a country which has winter season, or rather a city which has got cold winter days, I have come up with my own ways to beat the cold days, or nights. Sydney's not known to have really cold winters, but for a tropical person like me, anything below 20 degrees celsius would have to be cold. I actually have gotten a bit better. I can do 18 degrees and still feel fine and dandy. But the other morning, it was about 5 degrees!! We all have ways to combat the cold weather... here's what I do to temporarily keep me warm.
I take a long and hooooottt shower! Temporary warmth is better than none!I have a hot chocolate, and keep both my hands wrapped in the cup until I've absorbed all the heat.If I am at home, I just wear layers and layers of clothes beneath my blankie! I even use my PC sometimes don up with my hoodie, longsleeves, thick socks, scarf and to top that would be my wool blanket!Wash my hands with warm water!! nearly boiling! haha!If all else fails, the…

Thoughts and more on Halloween Costume

I have spoken to my sister recently and we were just talking about the nice and fun holiday that she and my other siblings had in Australia. One of the activities that I booked them to go to was the Sydney Night Ghost Tour. This tour is quite popular in Sydney, as the owner and tour guide actually wore a Scary Halloween Costume. The husband and wife team would wear a vampire inspired costume. This couple was cool enough to wear their costume proudly prancing in Sydney’s streets, and have actually given me some cool Halloween costume ideas.

When I was new to the city, I have seen them around The Rocks area (which is an old district that was known for scary stories of ghosts and the like) in their outfit and found that interesting but weird. After all it was not anywhere near Halloween at that time. It was only later on that I found out they were conducting ghost tours that things made sense.

Nowadays it is not unusual to hold theme parties where the guests would have to come in their cos…

When ages were revealed

During my recent trip to Mauritius I felt I was one of the "older ones". Although being the only asian in the group, I told them I was only 18 years old, and I passed looking like it! Of course I told them later on I was kidding. This was at dinner on our first night. Ages were revealed. I probably was 7th from the oldest, out of a group of 15 people. So, I wasn't the oldest then. But of the younger ones, I felt old. I wasn't really up for too much partying anymore. I would stay after dinner maybe until about midnight, and then call it a night. The rest of the younger ones I heard stayed up til about 4AM on our last day! I don't think I could last that long anymore. By choice anyway. I preferred to enjoy my posh room, uber comfy heavenly dream bed with fluffy pillows and blanket. My hotel room aircon turned on, dim lights in the background, watching tv, munching on a few chips and a bar of chocolate while drinking my ice cold cola. Until I fall asleep. There were…

Photos from my Mauritius Trip

A few photos from my trip. Some are details of the places I've been to, and the hosted events I participated in. Really, it's just a summary of my Mauritian experience. Enjoy! Visit my other blogs for more photos! I've purposely scattered the photos in all my sites. Gorgeous Traveller, A traveller's domain, Lemon iced tea.

..I woke up a few mornings early enough to witness glorious sunrise/s.
..I was luckily billeted in lovely single rooms in great properties (few times I had a junior suite all to myself!)
..I enjoyed taking photos of people and things, downtown at the markets, as we drove through small towns,and at various events we went to.
..It was winter in Mauritius at that time, but we had a fair bit of sunshine! Other times though, it was pure wind! Haha! Saw a rainbow thrice! :)
..Yummy seafood. Throughout the trip we indulged in degustation! Buffet breakfasts daily! At least five course lunch/dinners! Overflowing alcohol! :)

Vote Philippines Tag

Thanks Em for this one! :) Rules:
1) Copy from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}.
2) Vote the Philippines for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.
3) Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.
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Last July 7, 2007, The New 7 Wonders of the World were announced. Now, the New7Wonders Foundation are looking for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. So many breathtakingly beautiful, natural places are still quite unknown to many. From waterfalls to fjords, rainforest's to m…

I am back from MRU!

After more than a week of not being near a computer, or logging onto my blogs, emails, or anything internet related.... I am glad to be back home from my Mauritius trip! I will be posting lotsa photos soon, when I am unjetlagged and have done my dirty laundry. Also when I get around to sorting my hundreds of photos!
For now, I am just really really glad to be back after a week in paradise. I suppose paradise is paradise when you only have a bite of it. After a while, you know that reality kicks in, and it's time for the real world.
I was meant to go straight back into work this morning when my plane landed. But, my eyes were bloodshot. Too tired. As I write now, I am not quite sure my body knows where it is. It's meant to be about 6PM in Mauritius. And about 12Midnight Sydney. I want to rest, but I can't seem to. I want to blog some more and catch up on emails, etc. But I will be working tomorrow. I will just have to force myself to bed. After all, I am back to reality. Bac…

TV or Couch?

I’ve been looking for new furniture to match my somewhat small couch. It has been so long that I’ve wanted to buy a bigger couch but then due to financial restraints, I am torn between buying a bigger couch or a new home theatre appliance. Part of me wants to just keep my old seat, and buy a big plasma television and DVD Mini Theater System. However that means watching my favorite movies in a really nice screen, but scrunching while seated in my old couch. I guess I can’t have everything, or at least not yet.

For now, I am satisfying the need to shop by just searching online through Shopwiki, which is a really great site. Instead of having to go through individual shop websites, shopwiki captures them all for me, by listing different stores and their bargains for a plasma television. I actually found a Panasonic 42” Plasma TV that might actually fit my budget! I will have to discuss with hubby though if we are able to make this purchase now or whether we should just wait for our tax re…

Dreaming Cruising

I have always been fond of cruises, although I have never been on any that lasted more than half a day, on a real luxury liner. I’ve been to a lot of sightseeing cruises. I’ve been on a two night cruise from Manila to Cagayan De Oro, but that was nothing like a luxury cruise. Having said that I have booked so many cruises for passengers. One that I have recently booked is the Azamara Cruises. This somewhat new cruise line commenced operation only about two years ago. They offer quite a number of cruises around Asia, South America, Europe, Mediterranean and even Australia! This means I have more chances of going on one around this vast island continent I live in. Perhaps, my next familiarization tour would be some trip on one of their Mediterranean Cruises! The Azamara cruise ships are quite special. They are more intimate, meaning they only have limited guests onboard, and because of the small ship size they have the advantage of cruising along exotic and unreached ports. Each statero…

Qantas' new airbus A380

It's been in the news that almost everyone has a say on that new Qantas Airbus A380. Well, everyone's particularly taking note of the interiors of the plane. The colours peach and green don't really appeal to all. I think they should have chosen a more publicly pleasant colour, rather than those colours which not everyone can appreciate. But, then again the seats may be comfy. Just hope that you get on the night flight to wherever. I guess, in the dark the colour won't matter at all! To each their own opinion!

Seriously about life and drug rehab

Ever come across a time when you wanted to help a loved one, but they were not even willing to help themselves? I guess this has happened to each one of us, at one point or another. Whether it was concerning something big or just one of those petty things doesn’t matter. Whatever situation it may be, as a concerned family member or friend, we feel for our troubled loved one. It is never an easy thing to deal with straight on especially if we find out that that loved one needs to be brought to a drug rehab clinic. The first step is to come to terms and accept the situation for what it is. Oftentimes, when it is someone in our immediate circle who needs help, we deny the problem. Really, accepting the problem is the beginning of the solution. Showing that we care for our disturbed family member makes them feel loved, this is what they need instead of negative words. By openly talking it out with our loved one, with the help of trained counselors, we are showing our support for them. Aft…

A traveller's check list

I am going on my Mauritius trip on tuesday, and I've come up with a traveller's check list of things to bring: Passport/Document organiser
Ticket and Itinerary copy
Business cards
Camera/Camera charger
Camera Memory Cards
Mobile/Mobile charger
Iphone/Iphone charger
Smart casual outfits for hotel inspections
Dressy clothes for nights out and gala dinner
Beach clothes (bikini, sarong)
A couple of jumpers
Black ballet flats, thongs, black heels
An extra bag (or two)
Bag locks
Kikay Kit
Medicine kit
Ziplock bag

Moving out of home

Do you remember the time when you moved out of your parents’ house? I do. I actually moved out when I moved to Sydney. Initially I lived with a family who has been friends with my family ever since I can remember. When I moved in with that family friend, I had no say whatsoever in my bedroom furniture, or what I can or can’t do within the confines of my own space. It was all right though. I had a neat room with light or pastel yellow colored walls, big closet, my own computer table and computer, a bedside drawer, and a lamp. It was quite basic, but I appreciate them taking me into their home. It was a huge house with a swimming pool and a big garden, as well as two living rooms, a TV room, a prayer room and an office. Their home office furniture were nice and big. The office had it’s own receiving area with big fluffy cushion couches. My friends and classmates who would visit me says I live in a mansion! That was all before I moved to my humble home now. All on my own, I decide on wha…

Stuff from my past

Once in a while I get these memory flashes of things (or activities) from my childhood. Either because I've seen something or spoken to someone that reminded me of this. Coming from a big family, I have had quite a colourful past filled with sports, activities, travels that involve all of my family members and myself. Here are a few things that I've remembered recently, which either I have fond memories of eating quite often, or that which I enjoyed travelling to, or whatever I simply associate with my happy past.

Some of these don't exist anymore, or some I simply just don't have anymore coz I outgrew them. Nonetheless, here they are:
Push Pop Candies
Magnolia Chocolait Drink
Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor (on Aurora Blvd or somewhere in Quezon City)Smuckers' Goober Peanut Butter
Brown Cow Chocolate SyrupPop Tarts
Wonka's Nerds (different flavours)

Homemade Ice Candy
There are actually a LOT more than those, but that's what Im posting for now! What are a few things th…

Termites attack

Pests are such nightmares! Whether they’re house rats, roaches, flies, trash worms, they are just really so icky. I consider spiders one of my biggest fears. I just get totally helpless when I spot one inside my apartment. Living in Australia one is faced with pests such as these. I don’t mean to sound rude as spiders among other insects are considered to be quite a house pet ( I have a friend here who actually just lets the spiders roam freely around their house). One thing that is unavoidable though, are termites. Whether it’s termites inside the house, or termites near house, they can take over your precious wood in an instant! I remember a long time ago, my pet’s humble home got invaded by these termites! It was a nightmare! I had to go and get my dog a new house! I am sure there would have been an answer to save our precious wood. I wish I knew this.

I am soo showbiz!

I was just surfing around and hubby and I came across the videos on youtube where Americans were trying to speak in Tagalog. Also, there were a few ones who sang in Tagalog,etc. How bizarre! There was one guy who sang a Parokya ni Edgar song that was really good. The American accent would occassionally come up, but overall it was good.

And then still surfing later on, we came across a few other interesting videos. There were videos showing a list of American Filipino celebrities! Being the showbiz person that I am, this got me interested. A few of the celebrities that I only found out had Filipino blood in them are below. Some of them I don't really know but hubby knew them and was amazed with this trivia. Read on to see who are part Filipino.

- Rachel Bilson
- Kirk Hammett (Metallica guitarist)
- Dave Bautista/Batista (some wrestler dude)
- Enrique Iglesias
- Rob Schneider
- Lou Diamond Philips
- Vanessa Hudgens
- Nicole Herzinger
- Shannyn Sossamon

How cool is that? I guess, it just goes …

What's the use of scopes

I’ve always wanted to visit the Sydney Observatory, and so when my family was around, and I was looking for activities for us to do, I decided to take them to the planetarium. We went at night, and saw a lot of cool telescopic gadgets to look through and see the world beyond earth. Imagine looking through this magnificent set of lenses and glasses, and seeing bursts of light that are hundreds and thousands of light years away! It was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who visits Sydney. Or perhaps any city you visit that has a planetarium would be quite an experience. The telescopes used are similar to Riflescopes in a way that they project quite a distance from where you are. However, the telescopes at the Observatory were far advanced in terms of technology; the tactical telescopes are nonetheless amazing as well. Imagine seeing through that lens your opponent in a jungle setting. I remember the time when we went and played laser skirmish at Gosford with my siblings. We were …

Rain, Rain, Go away

It's been raining for the past week. And I mean each and every day, since monday. Non stop. I don't think I saw the sun rise, or set this week. It's friday tomorrow and it is meant to rain still, all the way til sunday! How sad!
We don't really have that much storm in Sydney, unlike in Manila where you'd have it on and off for a few months. Here, we do have them bad occassionally, causing floods even. But on other occassions it would just be nonstop rain for days. Or weeks. I think last year it rained for two whole weeks straight (or maybe just 1 or 2 days semi-clear day). It can get quite windy too.
The only positive thing about this, I notice, is that at work or anywhere, in the lifts people talk to each other even if they don't know the person. Always talking about how cold it is, or asking whether they've been outside and if it was cold or windy or whatever. Some small talk.
Everybody talks about the weather. Be it small or big talk.
I just pray that the…

10 Things About Me

This is a tag from Caramel Corn... I've done something pretty similar before in my other blog, but here it goes anyway...

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 10 people to get tagged and list their breads.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here goes ...

1. I am a dominantly righty but I can write quite semi-legibly with my left hand as well.
2. I like having a banana when I'm down. They say it is happy food. Have you seen a sad monkey??
3. I am the eldest child in my family who always got my way when my siblings and I were younger. Spoiled eldest child. Well, not anymore... Not spoiled I mean.
4. I come up with my own words some times. Not intentionally. :) Ask hubby. I think he's got a mental note of these made up words.
5. I am a self …

There's a reason why

There's a reason for everything.

A reason to why I'm not in the IT industry.. as you can see I am struggling with my blog layout. I've been fiddling with it for days and I am not successful. It's kinda frustrating. Over the next few weeks I'd still be tinkering with this layout, themes, templates, etc. With my trip coming up I may not be able to spend as much time doing this as I want.

So far, I like how the template looks like, but I can't seem to add a menu at the header part. And my widgets are stretching when I try to add something maybe too big? (No matter if I resize it). I've got other issues, but I like the colour and all, so I may stick with this Aspire template for now.

Just now I realise I have quite a few tags to accomplish. I've been slack in doing them cause I was busy trying to be my own IT helpdesk. :) Oh well.... Life goes on..

Being a travel agent

Last night I was researching on hotels for my trip to Mauritius, as well as other travel details such as what to bring, what the weather would be like, etc. I couldn’t be more excited to travel to this place. It’s not one of those places that people usually visit. I’ve read that celebrities have their honeymoon in Mauritius, or just go to the island to hide away from it all. I will be going away for about 7 nights in a few days time and since this is for work, we are staying at cool five star hotels. When I say hotels I mean quite a few. We’d be staying at four different hotels. This doesn’t mean though that we’d see only four, because in my job, when we are sent overseas to inspect hotels we’d have a taste of a few, but are most likely to visit more hotels than where we're staying at. Particularly the ones which we sell a lot, or those that belong to the same market we sell. For example, if we were to be sent in Italy to see Venice, Rome, and Naples, we would most likely check ou…