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Birds and Plans

My sister will be visiting me soon, and I am working out our itinerary for her two weeks stay. With her around, there will be three photography buffs in the house! I am the most amateur among the three but that only means most of the time I am their model!

We were looking at visiting a few gardens while she is here, and take snaps of different plants and animals while there. I know that the botanical gardens have lots of interesting birdlife, among them the hummingbirds! I am glad that my husband and my sister are into nature. So we can do some bird watching on the side. It would have been nice if we could have a hummingbird feeder in our balcony (no private garden for us) so we could catch a glimpse of them at home. Perhaps when we upgrade into a house with a big garden, I could ask husband to gift me with a cute feeder! I’ve seen that there is quite a number of varieties available!

Another place we are considering visiting when she is around would be the zoo. We went there though last…

Weight concerns

I've gained the 2kgs that I lost early on, but now I am back to 3kgs less. I never though I would be this concerned about my weight. Gaining it! Although people say that it is not that unusual to be losing weight early in the pregnancy. I know why I'm not gaining any kgs. I don't have a great appetite now, and when I want to eat, I cannot get the food that I want! I really wish my sister would come and visit me so that I have someone to cook for me. Even for a while. She could possibly whip up my makati supermarket spaghetti.
I want my appetite back!!

Baby Love

I'm almost into my 3rd month! Meaning, first trimester almost over!!
I've felt all the early pregnancy symptoms, and I am just praying that I transition into the second trimester soon with less of the symptoms. (I know I whinge a lot, but I guess if it means baby is okay then I don't mind it all!!)
The first two and a half months I've lost a lot of weight (like nearly 3 kgs), coz I could not eat anything. I had no appetite and was very lethargic. Considering I was still studying this was really a bit of a challenge. I had to ask my lecturer to extend the deadline to my papers, twice! And I am done with that subject. The question now is if I should go onto the third subject! Almost half way done with the course!! I am hoping and praying for more energy the next few months, and a better appetite too!
Part of me feels tempted to head back to Manila even for a week just to eat! Hahahaha! Really! I would love some Jolly Hotdog (with lots of cheeese), maybe Smokeys would do. …