Monday, March 10, 2008

What is your favorite and most unusual food combination/eating habit?

I eat bananas with lemon and soy sauce.

I eat bacon with maple syrup.

I eat doritos and chocolate alternating one after the other.

I eat coconut jam with hotdog.

I eat Spam cooked in sugar!

I know they sound yuck, but it's just one of those things that makes a person different (or do you call the weird, hehe!). But, really some may be your comfort food. Or, something that you crave every once in a while. Or it may be something that you may have outgrown already.

I've heard some really, really (I'm making this sound less harsh) different food combos. What's yours? I promise I won't cringe at the thought of eating your *perfect* combination. You've read mine above.


Raft3R said...

for dinner, I microwave a bar of butterfinger and then soak it on soda. delish!

care to exchange links?


Coriander Dreams said...

Hiya raft3r!

One of the interesting ones yet! :) Thanks for sharing yours! So, kahit anong Soda? Or does it have to be a certain brand?

pixie27 said...

Na try ko na ang bacon with maple syrup sarap naman eh...

Big Eyed Gal said...

Mine would be pomelo and bagoong... I once ate this really sour pomelo so I thought I'd use the green mango and bagoong concept and it worked! Well...for me at least. hehehe!

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Pixie,
Yup it is Yum! Hehe!

Hi Valerie,
Shempre nangasim ako with your comment. Hehe! I think I wanna try that Pomelo/Bagoong Combo!

Big Eyed Gal said...

You should try it! Sarap sya... Though it's better if you use the spicy bagoong... yum! Ayan tuloy, gusto ko na din ng pomelo! LOL!

JAZEVOX said...

absolutely unusual combos of foods you mentioned here. i personally dont eat those combos

i eat banana with peanut butter. i eat coco jam with bread or rice. i eat spam with rice :-)

pinay_blogger said...

wow! coco jam... i love it with pancakes..

green mango with mixed salt/sugar/chili. yummmy!


erasmusa said...

your approach to food is cool! i don't mix, but i alternate. for example, i eat half a slice of bread with tuna mayo, then half a slice with nutella, then the other half with tuna mayo and the other half with nutella :)

Raft3R said...

butterfinger mixes well with orange pop! nakuha ko yan sa "The Cure."

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