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Blending In

Do you think it is a good thing to blend in, or does it take away something special from you?

I guess depending on the situation, it can really be a good thing.

For one, it can mean being comfortable with the environment, the people, the situation.

Blending in can mean you are standing out and shining at some of life's moments.

Is it easier to blend in or shine on your own?

Really, it's neither good or bad. It just how life is.
Sometimes you're one of them, and sometimes you bask in unique glory.
After all the best people that stand out are really the chameleons.
C'est la vie.

For a good cause

My company affiliation gives us one full day or money to give to a charity of our choice - annually. I have decided how to use this year's credits. I am thinking to find a charity that helps children in some way. There are lots of organisations that care for children, and I can name a few in a blink. Perhaps a charity that addresses children and hunger - so many starving children out there. Or maybe, one on children, vaccination and health. One thing that I could give to as well, would be towards children in the orphanage back in the Philippines. Surely these organisations in the Philippines are not well funded and need all the support they can get when possible. When I was still living there a decade ago, I remember visiting an orphanage for children of young and unwed mothers. The kids were very much excited about having visitors there, and they were longing to be given attention to and cared for. These children are the ones who need our help the most since they have no choice i…

To cruise, or not to cruise

Ever since I can remember, I've been wanting to sail on the Voyager of the Seas!! They've got the Dreamworks experience - for the little girl and the big boy! When I went on the Radiance of the Seas cruise inspection (docked at Circular Quay) late last year we were told that the Voyager would be in Sydney for a season starting this November 2012.

There is an overnight cruise Sampler on the 23rd of November and I am thinking whether we should splurge and go on it. Or, not! Especially since we are looking at heading back to Manila soon, we might be better of just keeping the moolah and spending it more wisely elsewhere. Having said that though, I am so very tempted!! I guess if there is a good travel agent rate then I won't resist!

The masterchef in me

This year I am a fan again, following the reality tv show contest nearly every day. If I cannot watch it then, I see to it that I've got it recorded to watch the following evening (to my daughter's excitement - she watches too).

This year, as was last year, and the year before that - has been a tough one. Literally quite draining physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Thus, our impending homecoming (hopefully soon) would bring a much needed rest for my small family. Admittedly, amidst all the challenges we faced as a family, my relationship with my husband has hit a plateau. There were days or weeks when we would just be too tired to relate to each other in a loving way. We didn't necessarily have to fight - but rather we'd just be simply exhausted. Having no one to rely on for that occasional breather, we just had to take turns 'breathing' or doing nothing. Some days required more effort than other days, and we have had to just wing it mostly. I…