Wednesday, July 04, 2012

For a good cause

My company affiliation gives us one full day or money to give to a charity of our choice - annually. I have decided how to use this year's credits. I am thinking to find a charity that helps children in some way. There are lots of organisations that care for children, and I can name a few in a blink. Perhaps a charity that addresses children and hunger - so many starving children out there. Or maybe, one on children, vaccination and health. One thing that I could give to as well, would be towards children in the orphanage back in the Philippines. Surely these organisations in the Philippines are not well funded and need all the support they can get when possible. When I was still living there a decade ago, I remember visiting an orphanage for children of young and unwed mothers. The kids were very much excited about having visitors there, and they were longing to be given attention to and cared for. These children are the ones who need our help the most since they have no choice in the situation they were brought into in this world. The stage of life that they are in as well makes it very crucial - as it could set the pace for their lives well into adulthood. Being a parent has made me think this way and appreciate my own family circumstance - and try to give back to those who are in need the most. On another note, I've read about a New York non profit organization that touches people's lives through their art. I am sure which ever charity I choose to give my time or money to would appreciate this gesture.

Isn't it nice that our company gives back to the community and encourages it's employees and affiliates to do the same?

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