Thursday, April 15, 2010

Past expiry date?

Got back from our 15 day Manila trip last weekend and I still haven't fully unpacked yet. I'm still undecided whether to unpack or just wait for our next Manila trip. Not that we have one planned. Yet. The past trip confirmed our intention of moving home again. This time back home.

Like most 20something person I longed to leave home and live overseas. I've done so, now for almost 7 years calling Sydney my temporary home only to realise that it's no longer suiting its purpose. Now, seeing my family in Manila gave me purpose which hubby and I believe would be right for our baby Bella too. Purpose now is to be with family, spend quality time with both our parents and just 'BE' with them, one with them. We told our families our intention and plans. We now just have to move towards that goal and live happily ever after.

So, has life abroad reached it's expiry date? Well, for me/us, if it no longer serves its purpose then yes. On to more meaningful existence.

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