Friday, November 28, 2008

"Life is too Short..

.. That it is meant to be lived so sweetly."

Cheesy I know, but for the past month or two, my workmate has been repeating this to me over and over again.

True though. So true. Life really can go by too quickly.

I realise I have been prolonging so many stages of my life. Like life is a waiting game. To test your patience. In this instance I can say my patience gets the better of me. Sometimes one just needs to jump, live, take risks, and move forward. Whether people judge you (or me), for making such decisions.. Is really not their concern. At some point a patient person needs to decide. I have. And I just hope everyone can be happy with that.

Deep :) But so True..

A day late


I am feeling a bit cross. I just missed the Visa pre-sale for Coldplay's Sydney concert in March 2009. I was so tempted to buy tickets to see them in Melbourne or Brisbane instead.. But then again, the concert's scheduled for the middle of the week! Hassle!!

Okay, I lie, at the moment there are Sydney seats. Single seats. Meaning no two seats seated together. So that's really no good!! :X

Should we just watch them in Melbourne???

Monday, November 24, 2008


One thing that I always wanted to do but never got around to doing, or finishing, or ... Is Scrapping. I tried it just when I got to Sydney five years ago, and for a while I thought I would do it quite regularly, but then after a year I just got backlogged, and it just hasn't been updated since. It's a shame, coz I have quite a few things to document..milestones, events, travels, memories... I have put this on my top five things to do before the year ends. Hopefully I get to catch up on a bit. I am crossing my fingers and hoping I really get this done. Soon. :) I know it can be therapeutic to do this activity regularly, and really just to be able to let me creative juices out would be nice.

I really salute everyone who can scrap regularly. I know a few people who do this often, and I am jealous. It's some sort of like a life story, a snapshot of events, summarised in a pretty personalised book. Just thinking about it makes me want to do it right now. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Over again

There are some movies which I can never tire watching over again. No matter how many times I do watch them they just make me cringe or feel lovey dovey all over again. It's like a chocolate bar that you never get tired of.

Oh well, sometimes I just seem to find myself repeating my favorite movies when I am alone, because I know I don't mind seeing it again. My boyfriend is the same with a few really good movies. But, maybe not as often as me, he loves to listen to the great movie sound effect. Especially when he's got a new toy (eg, subwoofer, dvd player or whatever).

I guess, sometimes like a child we too have our favorite things. Whether it is manifested through a good movie, favorite chocolate bar or meal, or even just a cd. Human nature I suppose, to repeat the experience especially if it's a good one. I guess, I would not mind at all to have a nice long holiday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Need a Break

As usual! I am just wanting one again. Well, I think the last real break I had was.....

I think in May! So that was six months ago. No wonder I have 3 weeks annual leave left for this year!

Actually I am taking four days off in a few weeks time. Still have nothing planned for that. When you plan trips left and right during the day, at work.. it can be tiresome to plan my own. That's just the way it is. Did you know that many travel agents leave booking their own holidays at the very last minute?! haha.

I am dreaming Fraser Island now... See picture. It's just so magical! Ohh I want to go back!!

That Christmas tradition

Spoke with a good friend from Manila last week, and she was telling me about what to give her daughter this Christmas. While on the topic of Santa, I’ve told her that there was this provider or service that would send to their home Letters From Santa himself! We were both sharing about our own experiences on writing Santa letters and receiving gifts that we asked for. It’s just really heartwarming to talk about traditions such as these, that are still being passed on from one generation to the next. I can’t wait to get my own little one to help write Santa letters!

Where? and Why?

Where would I be if I had chosen to stay in Manila? Pondering on how life would have been if I was (still) there. I could be enjoying myself with the company of people I love. Hanging out at some place over crepes (at Breton) or beer perhaps. Sometimes I think of these things. What if I was a person who never wanted to leave my homeland? I would probably lead a comfortable life. And by comfortable, I mean emotionally comfortable. Knowing that day in, day out, in one phone call, a few minutes (or so) drive, I will be with people I want to be with, at that time. I would probably be blissfully satisfied with all those emotional cravings that my family and friends would offer. On the other hand, I would have a job that would not pay me well, and that which I would endlessly complain about (not much difference with here i guess!). I probably wont be able to afford to live on my own and fend for myself. I would most likely be dependent on my parents for financial support for a longer time. Part of me wants to put blame on the government for this, that so many people in Manila (and anywhere in the Phils) would like to leave the country to be able to achieve financial independence. Think about so many families divided because of this situation. But then again, this situation is present in other countries. A lot of the foreigners I have encountered here have the main motive of improving their economic status. Sometimes I wonder where I would be happier, here or there? Where is the right place for me? Where do I belong? There are so many endless questions that I could ask, and as much as I would like to make the best of what I have at present/at hand, it is very difficult. Especially when homesickness sets in. All the financial freedom, career goals, etc that I have seem to fade into a distant memory. There are moments when I would just like to pack my bags and head home. No questions asked, no future considerations, no consequences. But life is not meant to be lived that way. In everything I do, I would have to think twice, thrice and so many times about the implications it would bring on my future. My fiance's and mines for that matter. After all, I led him to this life.

My fiance and I often talk about life and so many things involved in it. Such as where to settle. Where to raise our kids, how to raise them, what our ideals in life are, and what our ideal life would be. Oftentimes we would have the same emotions involved, but sometimes totally different actual ideas. Life here would entail a lot of sacrifice. Especially when kids come into the scene, one of us (most likely me) would be a stay at home parent, taking care of kids and the family's needs. Raising a child here is not easy, as we cannot depend on relatives or helpers to give assistance in rearing them. Or, just to watch them for a few hours while I have my "ME" time. Unlike in Manila, relatives will be around to offer (if not request them to) take care of the kids for a while. Here, it could be very restraining. Having to watch them 24/7 for 365/year. It will mean being involved in the baby's life every step of the way. In some cases that I have encountered here, some of the Filo parents bring their child to the Phils and leave them there with the grandparents. This is sad. Parents not really being able to fulfill their role as one. But then again, life here is different and I understand where they are coming from. They have a choice, and their choice is to work hard to be able to give their child the best. It must be a very difficult decision to do that. I wish and pray I would never have to decide on that.

I am feeling a little bit better after writing my thoughts about being here now, and my what ifs if I were in Manila. Its not much, but I think in all this, there is a purpose of me being here. I need to learn about life. Initially I really came here to study about Tourism. I learned a lot more than the things I learned inside the classroom. I learned to live on my own. I learned to cope with homesickness (most of the time, but of course, i break down too). I learned to be strong, for myself, by myself. I learned that if I wanted something done, I had to do, and no one would do it for me. I learned that after sometime one gets used to the place they live in, but one never forgets where one came from. I learned that out in the world, there are real situations, real life events that are not always easy to handle. I learned that life is not always easy, and that after being spoonfed for 20 years, one must learn to look for their own spoon, look for their own food, scoop it, and learn how to eat by themselves.It was not a very smooth road, but one must appreciate that, at least, there is a road. I learned that there are a whole lot of different types of people alive. Not all of them are nice. Not all of them play fair. Not all of them want whats best for you. Not all of them can be your friend. But maybe, One of them may be there at the hardest time of your life. I learned and understood that life is about the journey, and that we should at least make it as pleasant as possible for oneself and for others. For all we know, it is harder for the other person across the road. ( I heard that quote somewhere, worded differently of course).

Just like job hunting

They say when one goes into a business franchise it should be something that one is passionate about, because diving into a business is meant to be long term. A few or so years ago I was researching the probable best franchise for myself. I saw a couple that really interested me. However, I did not pursue this nor did I even speak with a franchise broker. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time then, or maybe I should have just made an appointment with anyone who may have known about any small business for sale, but I was not in a rush. Only recently did I find out that there is such a site which I know would try their best to match up the potential business owner and direct to the appropriate and suitable business. I think that this is quite a good thing to consider, that the right business for the right person. I mean, it is easy to just invest money but hard to actually invest one’s time and effort into something is something that needs careful consideration.

Something that crossed my mind just now: I think finding the right business for you is like looking for a job and going for interviews. A business idea or proposal may be appealing in the beginning just like the prospect of starting in a new company where it all seems so exciting and promising. However, when it comes to the actual details, we may realize that this employer may not take us to where we want to go in terms of growth and career. Same with a business. Makes me think now, is there something that I may never grow tired to work for? I guess it’s pretty obvious my choice will still be travel.

Crazy, Early Thoughts

Crazy Morning thoughts,
..brought about by a dream
A dream that never existed in reality
Igniting that aimless fire within
Lonesome, troubled, confused soul
For a second, dreaming what ifs
Just until I awake, and find myself lost
Eternal space, endless possibilities
To seek the truth, where?
Counting seconds until
I realise I know where I am
Wasting thoughts on meaningless limbo
Drifting season, recurring dream
Ceasefire and sleep
Until the next time I awake
And find myself
Sleeping while I am faced with reality
Sweet melancholic slumber
Is what I need
We all know, it isnt
We all know we are happy
Let us not remember
Suppressed surrender
Peace, then live.

Keeping myself busy

At work, the girls and I were talking the other day about how they enjoyed playing their Nintendo DS games with their partners, and how fun the new Nintendo Wii is. One of my colleagues had bought so much games, including the gadgets that come along with it. She is also very much into that Wii yoga at the moment that she had to demonstrate to us how her sister and boyfriend imitated her in this weird balancing position. This got us all cracking! But really, if I had a Wii Fit game I would probably end up doing a bit more exercise.

There are just so much games to choose from that an actual window shopping day for price comparison would be necessary to be able to find the best buy! Although with how the rate things are going, I may end up just buying impulsively just before Christmas. I guess I should just consult my boyfriend or my work mate to ask for tips on choosing a good console game for me.

... all about me (again!) :)

...i love making lists
...i love to travel, but i hate airplane rides
...i love daydreaming about the future family, future vacations, future anything
...i love chocolates! milk chocolates...not dark bitter ones...white chocolates, maybe sometimes...
...i like beach trips. but i dont like getting dark...
...i like taking long and hot showers...
...i like mellow, soothing sounds
...ive always thought of playing jazz/blues music in my apartment, with dim mood lights, chilling and just wasting time...lounging on a big lazy couch...with the aircon turned on, and my big warm blankie...
...i like reading about showbiz chatter! to forget about my own life concerns just for a moment
...i like watching movies!either in the theatre, dvds played at home..
...i love rooftops and views...
...i like planning vacations, day trips, even if i have a feeling it might not push through!
...i like sulking sometimes. i feel better afterwards! crazy me,,,
...i like collecting brochures of sorts...i think i could fill a whole closet already!
...i like buying bags... sometimes i have to convince myself that i dont have room for any anymore.
...i lik e people watching, sometimes.. just sit on the park bench and watch the world go by...
...i like mcdo chicken nuggets...with BBQ and Sweet and Sour Sauce. I always buy 2 sauces!
...i like going on a ferry ride... on a hot summer day... cruising on the harbour...keeping quiet..
...i like going to loud music bars, ocncerts, once in a gives me a natural high during and after...
...i like balconies and views...
...i like krispy kreme, marble frost....
...i love long weekends and public holidays
...i could sleep all day if i could...
...i dont mind being alone sometimes... sometimes, i wouldnt want to be alone...
...i have a mental list of names that i would like for my baby someday...
...i hate winter weather... gloomy days, cold nights
...i like peeking into other people's thoughts about things...
...i used to like opening emails, until i started getting too many work related ones!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I read in this article that supermodels have their own getaway destinations. Heidi Klum hides away in Mexico with her hubby Seal. Gisele Bundchen hies off to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro or Florianopolis. Kate Moss on the other hand chills in Mallorca, Spain whenever she wants to get away from it all.

Whoever you are, or I am, we all need to get away from it all once in a while. Whether we go local or international we just need to rejuvinate every so often and live our unrealistic dreams in order to get a grip on reality once again.

I, for one, sometimes immerse myself in the internet world when I am trying to forget about some issues. But sometimes I need to physically go out and just hide. Whether I am gone for an hour, for a weekend or so depends on the need. Although I may not go to far flung exotic places like my (fellow, ahem) supermodels do, I get the same thing out by hiding away at the following:

- At the Supermarket. Yes, getting lost in aisles and rows of grocery items can be therapeutic. One need not buy something to feel good. Although, often times than not I would get a couple or so unneccessary items.

- A walk in the Park. The grass was made for thinking people to walk on, or lay on. The benches were made to be sat on. The park was made for all these and more, especially to someone who wants to be lost, but does not want to be alone. Truly, there are endless best spots to choose from.

- That quaint cafe next door. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this spot of mine, as I often choose to just go to the above options. However, that Italian bartender’s accent sometimes is enough for me to pull that grin off my face.

- Neverland. Sleep can do wonders. Sometimes without me being aware of it, a mere overnighter (sleep) is enough to feel better the next day. Maybe a nap won’t have the same effect. But having a glass of wine before sleeping would surely be a winner!

There are different seasons and so different places apply to me whenever I choose my spot outside my apartment. Sometimes, a quick call or a long call to a friend can bring back that positive spirit in me.

Oh lazy day!

Okay the weather is good outside today, as opposed to gloomy yesterday, but I am just really quite lazy now. I was in the mood for the beach yesterday but today I have opted to do a dvd marathon on my travel guides (watching Italy now). I should really look at buying a treadmill equipment mat and a treadmill of course. I could possibly lose a lot of unwanted kilos with my couch time! One day maybe! Should actually be trying to get my summer figure in place because soon it will be nice to laze around the beach, park or the marina.

Street Performing and Street Art

I have been a semi-frustrated performer almost all my life. Sure, I have had my fair share of ballet and piano recitals, school plays, speeches and other things which escape my mind at the moment. But what I really haven’t tried is to perform in the streets. In a lot of western cities, begging comes in a lot of forms. Whether they are art camouflaged or magic tricks to entertain. I have seen in the streets: a contortionist, man eating fire, man on a bike on a tight rope, magician playing tricks, a mime dressed in silver paint, chalk artist on the pavement, musicians wearing their didgiredoos and a bit of cloth, singing acrobats, young violinist, ball juggler, man making music with glass beer bottles, etc etc etc.

I am sure each of us have seen them at least once. I say they are all on a league of their own with their performances. Whether it is a silent act, or a scene stealer. I have a sense of respect for them who have guts, courage and (sometimes) unique talent.

These travellers, backpackers, locals, or whoever they are and wherever they come from, they form part of the street scene which makes walking down the street a bit more interesting. They can be a nuisance to some, but really it is your choice whether you want to stop and see them do their thing. Whatever their reason is for doing this, does not really matter (much).

Do you want to travel or not?

I am currently working on an itinerary for a client who intends to visit that interesting city, Amsterdam. He is a first time European visitor who would be traveling alone for the first time as well. He does not know where to stay or what to do, and I am just a bit reluctant to give him suggestions or advise as he is unsure of what he wants. I suppose it is the hardest situation to share ideas with someone who does not really say what he is wanting out of a trip. He’s been really apologetic and all about not participating in planning his trip, but apologizing is not very helpful at all. I have deadlines to meet and the pressure is on.

Anyway, I have come up with a few ideas and have sort of let go of the possibility and fact that he may not really get the most out of his trip because of his own doing. I’ll just do my best, and with the limited knowledge I have of him. I have given him a few choices of cheap hotels in Amsterdam, a list of things to do and visit while in the charming city, restaurant guide of different cuisines as well as popular pubs and clubs. I realize there is only so much I can do, and at some point he will have to participate actively in this trip planning if he wants to enjoy his Amsterdam experience.

Send someone a handwritten letter

If there was only one person you could mail a letter to at this point in your life, who would it be? And why?

There are so many people that we would love to get in touch with again. If only we took the time to write them a handwritten heartfelt letter. Instead of typing away a cold email. But then again, do people still appreciate handwritten letters? I know I still do.

Just Playing Games

I was reading through this Sydney magazine or brochure ( I think ) when I saw that there’s this mall along Darling Harbour which had a Laser tag venue located within the complex. I remembered the time when my siblings were here for vacation and thought to myself that I should have just brought them there, instead of having my friend drive us to the suburb about forty minutes away! Oh well, I should just keep a mental note on this for when they come visit me again. I am pretty sure we would not have to wear tactical pants or extreme protective outfits at this place, since Laser tag is not that dangerous anyway. But I will probably call the place just to double check, oh one can never tell nowadays what can or can’t be done or worn. Haha!

On being a Team

Okay, we've been told by our Manager that we've got quite a special team. We all get along really well, and are so united to a fault sometimes. That's what happens when you put a bunch of girls together in a seemingly un-structured environment where our only source of morale boost is each other. Really. We made it through six months without a leader to guide us. Considering our team was built less than a year ago, myself being the most senior and the only founding member left in the team. We had a leader come and step in for about a few weeks but she did not last long for reasons I am sure we are not responsible for.

From a group previously composed of Four, we now have one new lady join us yesterday. So now we are Five. It may be a tactic of management to break into our solid teamwork. Not that we have not been reaching our targets while maintaining that high quality service because we have been doing pretty well and our figures can prove so.

But anyway, we are Five now. We would be evolving to a different mixture with our new team member. And only time will tell whether we will all gel constructively the way we used to. Nevertheless, work needs to be done. And whether we get on or not, work is something we do well and take seriously. Life goes on. C'est la vie.

Tech rant (again)

I’ve never been a real techie person, and so when I was starting out in this blog bandwagon I did endless research on a good web hosting site. I found out that I did not really have to be a tech geek or an IT graduate to be able to run my own site. It still has its challenges, and it does take me a lot longer to do my widget configurations and all that, but I manage (in some ways). I have been thinking about changing my site layout again, but I am just not prepared to go through having to adjust all the settings and all that just yet. Maybe when my boyfriend heads off overseas for two weeks I will be able to work on this.

Friday, November 07, 2008

How to save up for that Trip and Live Healthy

Especially during this trying time. One can only try to think up of ways to save. And be healthy!

Cut down on junk food and soft drinks.
Not only would one get to save a about thirty dollars a month, but also lose a bit of tummy bulge to be able to get ready for that beach holiday.
Approximate saving per month: $30.

Walk at least thirty minutes a day.
If one lived within an easy walk to work, it is smart and healthy to get exercise. Walk either to work, or from work at least three times a week, or more if one is not pressed with time. A good way to cut transportation cost, save on petrol, and get that lazy bum to walk.
Approximate saving per month: $40.

Drop your gym membership.
One can easily save big bucks by getting into shape the economical way. One need not be a member of Fitness First, or Gold’s Gym or whatever. We’d only need to stick to our daily regimen of walking, jogging and we’d be keeping fit and losing weight in no time. Truly being healthy does not have to be expensive. It is better to use hard earned moolah towards a much deserved holiday.
Approximate saving per month: $70.

Give your plastics a break.
I know some people enjoy retail therapy so much, but revert to being stressed again once the credit card bill comes in. Really, one does not need a new pair of jeans, shirt, underwear, shoes every week. Perhaps indulge every other month or two, maybe. But not on a weekly basis.
Approximate saving per month: $100.

Cook at home. Bring lunch to work.
I don’t know anyone who does not appreciate home cooked meals. They are a lot cheaper to prepare, way healthier (without too much salt, or MSG, or other unhealthy ingredients that restaurants or fast food put into your meal). Aside from hubby appreciating your time spent cooking that delicious and healthy food, you get to save.
Approximate saving per month: $250.

At the end of the month, if you’ve been good, imagine having an extra $500 to spend towards that dream holiday. I know not everyone may appreciate that weekend away over something material (eg, hotel and spa pampering versus new camera). However, if you are a travel buff like myself, you would think up ways to save up for that goal: holiday! Come to think of it, spending wisely leads to a healthy lifestyle as well. Now, it is just a matter of putting to action all these nice things!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From an Insider looking at the picture

With all the hullaballoo the financial world is experiencing at the moment we are all affected. I work for quite a big financial company and we too are. Maybe not as much as others, but nonetheless everything is just really entwined and there are things we cannot avoid.

So... Recently I've noticed a lot of clients cancelling their planned holidays because of the current situation. Many of them are not ashamed to tell me the real reason why they are cancelling their trip. On a few occassions, family of five or six travelling to Europe or America for four weeks, would love to push through with their plans but want to pursue a dream holiday not having to think at the back of their mind that when they get back from vacation reality will bite hard. Thus, big families opt to postpone the trip.

Having said that, there are still a number planning and booking holidays. Perhaps they are badly needing one and no cost crisis would hinder them from going on one.

Whatever it is, travel is something inevitable for some. While for others it is something that they can do without for a prolonged period. However way we cope with the changing needs of the world, we know that this situation will end one day, some day. When is the big question.

The big 4-0

Turning 40 soon has had me thinking about a few things lately. One, major one is whether to have another baby. Hmm. I guess this is partly n...