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Change is happening

For SO long all I wanted was for little miss to have a sibling. I come from a huge family and would have wanted to have a big family too-but I started having kids quite late in my adult life....

After losing our little boy last year I yearned to try for another baby when I was ready and this year it happened. I am now at 37 weeks and ready to pop anytime now! A girl again this time. As much as I miss our little angel- I am still trying to accept the surreal reality that I may actually be bringing home our baby this time. Soon. There are still some raw emotions I think which I will have to deal with when this baby comes out and as much as I am trying to just take things one thing at a time and not overthink it is difficult.

I am wondering what kind of change I would have to go through when we have another addition to the family. Surely lots of changes will happen. And ideally here are some changes I hope to achieve for the best:

*Routine- Having a daughter already start school I have ha…

Brazil’s Best Beach Destinations for 2015

When most people think about Brazil, Rio de Janeiro probably pops into mind first. With its alluring beaches, famous carnivals and other activities, Rio de Janeiro is a tourist favorite. However, there are several other destinations in Brazil that have just as much to offer, including nature, great food, water activities or walks on the beach.
Corumbau, Bahia, is the ideal destination for those who want to take advantage of the beautiful Brazilian beaches, but prefer a quieter and less-crowded atmosphere. This is a small fishing village that is known for its stunning sand and its clear blue water. The underwater coral formations are also popular, making this a perfect snorkeling spot. Swim with the fish and get up close and personal with the exquisite coral formations. Nature lovers will be in awe over the variety of birds that call this area home and will take full advantage of the walking trails. Since it is small, it is limited to only a few beachside hotels, but travelers will not …

the Balikbayan Route

Today I came across this Facebook Page, the Balikbayan Route and once again I missed Manila noise! There are days I think I would like to live back home again. However hubby reminds me that if we move back we wouldn't have access to what the Aus government can offer. Quality of air isn't good (especially downtown), the lifestyle is different (Manila malls vs Sydney parks). And this is in addition to the other many things to consider..................

Ok, but I tell hubby we will live in the province (if Tagaytay and Cavite is considered one!) to avoid the chaos in Manila but at the same time still be within three (!!) hours drive. Why can't life be simple and have all my loved ones in one country. Let alone one city. Big sigh. Growing up and the facts of life.

At the end of the day, we strive to give the best to our children (current and future) and hope and pray that we are happy with most of our decisions so that the journey of life will be enjoyable. C'est la vie.

It's about time! Work smarter!

Now that I relatively have time in my hands, I need to learn to work smarter and not harder! I would love love to be able to be productive, earn more and at the same time not have to sacrifice family time with overtime senseless and purpose-less work!

I suppose these three lines should be my mantra.

1. Learn to say "no". I have to learn to choose my battles, learn to choose to use my time wisely and get rid of time wasters. Time is too precious to waste doing unimportant things.

2. Just eat the frog. I think I read somewhere about "just doing it" especially hard when we are avoiding to do something important because it is hard, or uncomfortable, or just stressful. But the more we avoid doing it, the more stressful it becomes. Just like stale food left in the fridge. Take it out the minute it is not edible. Otherwise it gets more rotten ~ more smelly and just gets even more icky to remove from the fridge.

3.  More importantly, prioritise. Some things simply are not …

Bursting with Ideas

A long time ago my mom told me I was hyperactive, just like my dad who never sits still. I thought to myself that couldn't be. I am very calm, collected and reserved. But I guess, over the years I kind of understood what my mom meant. Like my dad, I am full of ideas, bursting with new thoughts, plans, activities, business ideas, ventures, and the list goes on... forever!

I cannot imagine the life of a person running out of ideas. Sure, I hit a dead end every once in a while. By choice I stop from thinking further, but really I sometimes think I am overflowing with new things to do, accomplish and create.

Sigh. And it is very tiring. Tiring not because the ideas are running out, but tiring because I feel I don't have time to do all of these. I am a thinker. And so as much as I would like to put it all into action, there are only 24 hours in a day. One step at a time, I would like to achieve as much of my ideas into something. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep to avoid …

Get Away to Nassau, the Bahamas

If a beach getaway is your idea of a perfect vacation, you really can’t do better than Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out on the town, an intimate getaway, or a vacation spent lazing shoreside, this is the place to come.
Located on New Providence Island, Nassau is the most significant city in the Bahamas. It’s the largest city, the capital city, and the country’s commercial center. It’s also home to 70 percent of Bahamian people.
Nassau is beautiful, and not just because of its beaches. The city’s picturesque streets are lined with swaying palm trees and Colonial buildings with colorful facades. There are charming shops, and restaurants, pleasant parks and plenty of places to get lost and enjoy the scenery.
With a population of over 250,000 Nassau is a large, busy city, but it still maintains a laid-back vibe that makes it such an inviting place to get away from it all.
Much of the city’s relaxing atmosphere has to do with its wh…