Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cross the road

Every day we are faced with cross roads. Whether these are high ways or alley ways, they are inevitable and one must pass through these to get to the destination - the goal.

Sometimes it feels great to pass through familiar territories, giving a sense of comfort knowing you've been there and have done that - at least once before. However, most of the time we are faced with unknown circumstances. As much as we'd like to move on with a straight face and armed confidence, we can't. We wish we could, but there are more risks when one's got other people involved. Calculated risks + the great freeway = Perfectly calculated destination and goal. If only it was that simple equation.

Taken on a winter morning - St Pat Churchill Sydney
How does one discern about the future? How does one plan for the future? All I can do now is plan in the best way possible I am able, and pray, then leave the rest to Him up there.

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