Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks to all sticker companies!

I must be on vacation ... 3 blog posts in one day! Let alone one morning! :) I am taking the half day off from work.

The little girl is dismantling stickers from her sticker book.. and sticking them.. on my leg !! Well, it keeps her entertained and busy. Lately, it's been all about stickers. I never realised these sticky things had magic! The size or shape does not matter (for now).

I can attest to their powers. Stickers kept the little girl busy --
... on our 7 1/2 hour day flight. She stuck them onto the airplane walls.
... hourly sunday mass.
... doctor visit, while waiting in clinics.
... while waiting for our food at restos.
... on the trolley cart while I do the grocery run - she would stick and unstick those brand stickers on fruits!
... pretty much anywhere.

Most of the time she un-sticks them and hands them over to me. For me to stick back onto the wall/chair/fruit/etc.

I now have added a pad of sticker in my bag :) In case of emergency.

Simple joy! :)


Sometimes my life does not revolve around work,
house chores, bills, responsibilities.

Sometimes the topics I am interested it does not involve nappies,
food for dinner, politics, news, travel, holidays, weekend, poems,
love, movies, songs, parties.

Sometimes I think I want to distance myself from the reality I am usually faced with.

But after that few moments to myself, I find that the topics I need a break from
Are the very ones which draw me back from my "sometime moments".

Sometimes I confuse myself.

Because really, I am interested in only those things.
Oh, Sometimes in a few more other things.
C'est la vie.

Thank God for growth spurts

It's a dreary monday, full on raining. It's 9AM and it looks like 6PM. That gloomy! Even the little girl is still asleep, she must think it is still bedtime. I'm not complaining at all about her zzzzs, coz it means she is growing! Usually though she'd be awake and about at 8AM. But since she's not up yet, I was able to do a bit of bloghopping!! Yipee! I think the last time I was able to do this was ... I don't remember when! That long ago! Anyhow... I feel refreshed by reading other people's blogs, thoughts, ideas, etc. (Now have a mental note to make this yummy spinach dish! - oh yes because I will remember to!) and I was inspired to change my blog layout now. (what an accomplishment - haha!).

Photo from here
I should probably be working now, but the weather is not very conducive plus the fact that it's a monday! And, I am enjoying my silent time now ... listening to B snoring away, the rain splattering on my window, my warm cup of hazelnut coffee, and a number of blogs to read. Sweet. Just a bit of me time. Old me time. Just like how it was yearssss ago.

The big 4-0

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