Me Time

The past couple of weeks, I've had my much needed (and wanted) me time. The most I've had since a very long time - I don't even remember when the last 'real' one was.

Hopefully I get more of these times so I can refresh myself from my mummy duties and just be me. I have been wanting to tidy up my office space, clean up my clutter, research on as well as just catch up on sleep! I know this special time is important, even if I don't want to (yeah right!). Lately I have been feeling that I am not worth more than the other members of the family - and that what I want is not important. It feels like my waking (and even sleeping!) time is consumed by following my little family's whim. This may sound harsh, but coming from a mum that is on call 24 hours every day - for a long time now - I guess it is pretty real. I am just thankful that now I am able to reclaim a bit of me back.

Papple at the shops

Last week while shopping, I came across the "Papple" fruit - which I've never seen or heard of prior to this time. I was so curious about it, and with my family being into anything quirky - I took and sent them a photo of this.
Papple at the shops
It was a pricey fruit - so I didn't think of buying it. But after a few days, I was just itching to get them. So I did! I did a bit of research too - apparently this hybrid fruit was first grown in New Zealand in 2012. I guess, now they have it locally in Australia! It's a cross of Nashi Pear and an Apple (my fruit lady said Pink Lady was used-hmmm)

I am waiting a few more days because I like my fruits on the more ripe side. But here are the photos I took of it at home. Looks and feels like an apple, but with the freckles of pear. They say it tastes juicier, more apple-y but softer like pear. 
The Papple

Looks like a freckled apple to me

School prerequisites

The school year has begun and although we haven't been back to Sydney yet I am now collating the requirements for B. I am hoping to buy everything by next week (I am stressing out because she needs a descant recorder! I am hoping that it is available at the same store with the bx13 at Guitar Center). I cannot even imagine how my mom managed buying all these school stuff when there were six of us studying! I have one in school now and I am stressing already. Anyway, I guess I could start buying the easy stuff then look for that recorder when I am back in Sydney.

Selling Sydney

Ok, I don't own Sydney - not even one bit of it. However, I am trying to sell Sydney as a travel destination. So, my first client (who is a big fan of Sydney ever since- is my dad) is visiting Sydney in two weeks. I am coming up with different ideas, activities, etc for us to do on weekends and weekdays when the little girl is in school. Here are a few things I have listed so far: (will add on as I go)

Park Feast @ Bella Vista Farm - 25 and 26 February, 2017 
We haven't been to the Park Feast celebration last year, but hoping to make it this time around. They have at least 30 food trucks available to choose from, lots of amusements and stalls. The celebration goes from 11AM to 10PM on both days. Not sure if there are fireworks, but I am guessing there would be! The venue is very pretty with heritage buildings, lots of greens, and some shade too - if it gets too hot!

Shark Island Picnic
One school day, we might go to Shark Island for a little picnic. I have been there only once and have enjoyed it so much. It is very easy to go around the island in about half an hour. The harbour view is super and surely with dad and the little one, it will be a nice day out. Hopefully on a good sunny day!

Photo from Google

Rozelle Market
The market is only open on weekends..... But I just read now that they have terminated operation at the Rozelle usual spot!!! So I am now on the hunt for another market we can go to on the weekend!!!
Sad :( Mom really loved Rozelle Market - and dad too!

Photo from

My parents love seafood and love visiting the Fish Market. So, almost each time they visit Sydney - we head to the exciting Sydney Fish Market for lunch, together with the seagulls, and many other tourists. This is a must visit for us in two weeks!

Thing of the past

So much has happened in the past month that I don't even know where to begin. I've gone back home again to Manila, to spend less than 2 days with mom before she passed. Super sad and at the same time I am relieved that she is no longer in pain. Sometimes these life changing events can be so rattling that life stops. Everything is 're-calibrated' and plans tweaked. One thing that I am trying to find right now is this old fashioned handheld recorder and player because the day after I arrived, my dad handed me a cassette tape and asked if I knew what that was about. I shouted excited a big yes!! I have been missing this tape for at least 15 years. It had recordings of when I was probably a year old, babbling with mom and dad, talking about our cat among other things.I really wish I could get hold of this type of player so I can re-live the past.

PLANNING that BIG round the world trip

So, I am jotting down the cities that I want to visit, as well as the number of nights we may possibly stay. Some places to visit.. Nothing set in stone, just rough ideas at this stage. So here it goes....

Hong Kong - 3 nights
Tokyo - 4 nights
Osaka - 2 nights
*Seoul - 3 nights
London / UK - 7 nights
Paris - 5 nights
Madrid - 3 nights
Barcelona - 3 nights
*Monaco / Nice - 1 night
Rome / Vatican - 3 nights
*Sicily - 4 nights
Tuscany - 7 nights (car hire)
Venice - 2 nights
*Florence - 2 nights
Cinque Terre - 3 nights
Mykonos - 2 nights
Santorini - 3 nights
*Valetta - 3 nights
Zurich - 3 nights
*Dublin - 2 nights
St Petersburg - 4 or 5 nights
Frankfurt - 4 nights
*Brussels - 2 nights
Amsterdam - 4 nights
Copenhagen - 4 nights
Stockholm - 4 nights
Oslo - 3 nights
Helsinki - 3 nights
New York - 7 nights
Los Angeles / Santa Monica - 7 nights
San Francisco - 7 nights
Lake Louise / Jasper - 3 nights
Honolulu - 6 nights
Maui - 4 nights
Boracay - 6 nights
Cebu - 4 nights
Manila - 7 nights

*Budapest River cruise
*Caribbean cruise

*Optional city visit for now

I've just computed the number of nights above - and it is already looking like a 4 month vacation! Eventually I will need to cut some nights. For now, this is just a rough guide anyway!!! (I got too excited!)

When the kids are older

Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about getting my life back - when the kids are older. Although part of me, of course, wants time to stop them from growing up too fast. However, part of me also wants to enjoy them already (and get a bit of me time, too!). At the moment, my time management skills are super messed up, my organising skills are nearly non-existent. The house is usually a mess, my under eyes are the darkest shade ever, hubby sleeps in a different room - while myself and the kids in ours, we can't travel long drives as the little one hates car rides... the list goes on about what a having a young family entails. But I love it in a lot of ways than one. But for now, I am indulging in my daydream. Fast forward to 4 years from now. The little ones in school, and I am back to earning some moolah - contributing to our family funds (oooh and that BIG Trip in 4 years!).

Sometimes I daydream about:

- Having the Christmas tree decors properly put - and stay put for the duration of the holiday period! (at the moment, for the past 6 years - our eldest puts up the decors first - then I put them back up tidy-er).

- Sleeping in!!!! Weekends are a must, and maybe one or two mornings during the week too!
Ok, even just a proper full sleep. My last proper sleep was in 2008!!!!!

- Do my own thing in the toilet and shower - alone - without it being a whole family affair!

- Cooking because I want to, and because I enjoy it - rather than rushing to cook and feed the brood.
Oh, and cooking with both my arms/hands free. (Nowadays, I have a permanent back and side pain coz I carry little L while I cook - while I clean, while I do a LOT of things) (With one hand).

- Just do nothing. And have time to be bored. (Nowadays, I rarely have that quiet 'me' time where I don't have to think of too many things all at once). (I usually rush things because I sneak 'me' time in between the little one's naps)

- Do something uninterrupted.

- Have 'me' time during the day!!! (Nowadays 'me' time happens late at night when the kids are asleep) (I end up falling asleep too on some nights!)

- I want to travel more. With the family. But also, sneak in a getaway with my girlfriends who I haven't seen in ages!

- Make a weekly menu - and stick to it! (Not be too tired midweek to follow through what my menu says)

- Go on a date with hubby. (I am not comfortable leaving our little one with my sister to babysit - until maybe she's about 4 years old).

- Have time to properly groom myself (have time to be meticulous about my face, hair, clothes, etc). Nowadays, this is always rushed - so I only get to do the basics (if I am lucky!).

I am sure I can think of a lot more. For now, these are what comes to mind. One day!