Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Hotel Rush - Mantra Sale

Next month my little family is scheduled to visit the GC! Gold Coast! It is for work, but it is always too good to combine business with pleasure. Maybe a visit to the Theme Parks (little B and hubby haven't been) and also a visit to family is in order.

I am eyeing the great Mantra Hotel Sale (ends 28 July 2014 by 10 AM!)- and they have a number of Gold Coast properties to choose from!!! Too many to choose from in my opinion (but choice is always welcome!). (This isn't a sponsored post!) I am just always excited to see sales on, especially if it involves nice hotels and a potential trip for me.

I haven't been to the Gold Coast at winter, but I am guessing weather should be nice and warm. Having said that though I am still looking at an indoor pool - just in case it gets cold. Hubby and B could swim while I work. The Mantra Crown Towers it might be - they have both indoor and outdoor heated pools among other things. Hopefully the room is still available when I finalise the trip on the weekend!

From the  Mantra Crown Towers

From the  Mantra Crown Towers

Monday, July 14, 2014

High School Life Trapper Keepers

I read somewhere that Trapper Keeper (by Mead) is making a comeback as a Snapper Keeper! This brought memories of my school days.. wanting a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and finally getting one - since everyone in my class was using this binder to keep class notes in. I remember having this particular one (see below) where I inserted different photos and handwritten notes on the plastic covering. Of course everyone else was doing this too (something to differentiate our binders- lest they all look the same!).

Now this is what the 'new generation' have. Instead of velcros - a button! I think the velcro one is better (and way more cool)!

I guess since my old Trapper Keeper is considered vintage says a lot about my generation - or how old we are now! To go back down memory lane, here is an album that I'm sure you would have had or know someone who had one : Vintage Trapper Keeper.

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