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0100 Truths

It's been a very long while since I've done this...

100 truths.

What was your…

1. Last beverage — Water

2. Last phone call — My sister.

3. Last text message — My dad.

4. Last song you listened to — Oh Well.

5. Last time you cried — Shed a tear, this morning. At the airport. Cried, as in big cry ... don't remember.

Have you ever…

6. Dated someone twice — Yes, of course.

7. Been cheated on — Yes, emotionally.

8. Kissed someone and regretted it — Nope. But the other way around. Did not kiss someone, and regretted it. Haha! But not anymore!!

9. Lost someone special — Yes. A few times.

10. Been depressed — Yes, I guess we all go through that somehow.

List favorite colors:

11. Aquamarine

12. Old Rose

13. Light Yellow

14. Gray (not exactly a colour)

This year (2011), have you…

15. Made a new friend — Yes.

16. Fallen out of love — Nope.

17. Laughed until you cried — Oh yes, there were a few times.

18. Met someone who changed you — Not this year! Or, not yet!

19. Found out who…

Feeding past 15 months

Just a random, seemingly selfish post on feeding past 15 months. I might overshare, bear with me!

My little girl just passed the 15 month mark this month, and so that means it has been that long that I have been exclusively breastfeeding her! (And I don't mean expressing milk into a bottle - coz she's never drank from a bottle!) I feel quite proud and happy to have gone this long and this far in terms of providing for her needs, whims and wants for over a year now. I know a lot of times, we are comfort feeding but that is part of the whole bonding experience, I think. Slowly, we have been trying to wean. It's been a good 3-4 months that I have tried to. But, a few things have cropped up and so I am not trying to force wean her at all .. we traveled solo a couple of times, she got confined due to a possible asthma allergy.. The latter being a big reason why I decide to just go on .. at the hospital, the only thing that comforted her was her num nums, when she could barely dr…

Driving mad

Hubby was driving us to the mall last week, and there was this car that swerved in front of us quite scarily. Good thing it was not in the side of the car where our little girl is seated, but either way it gave us a bit of sudden shock. It happened all too fast! I don't fully understand how comprehensive our insurance policy was, but I knew I did not want to have to contact an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer for whatever reason it might be! I was glad that hubby didn't flare up because of the instance, although if something happened at least I have the contact details of the company: O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Round the easter table

The family gathered around the big Easter lunch table is one thing I've been wanting to experience again. This year, we are celebrating Easter with hubby's parents and I'm sure their company will be enjoyed although we sadly anticipate the last few days of their holiday.

We are heading off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which would prove to be a fun family moment. Particularly for the little girl, who will experience the Easter Show for the first time this year. Surely I can imagine her squealing in delight, pointing at the animals on 'show'. With the rabbits taking center stage as far as she is concerned .. "wabby" as she calls those bunny rabbits.

Hubby would enjoy the Motocross show, featuring jaw dropping stunts and heart stopping motorcycle mid-air moments. There would be a few sports cars that would be doing their usual number as well = speed driving backwards, creating that dusty, amazing stunt. Ok, I do think this is quite fun too.

I'm sur…

Business planning

The other day I had a meeting with my business coach about my business plan. I have not really had the luxury of time to thoroughly plan the ins and outs of my business (not good I know), but have started taking extra steps recently. My hubby has taken a few weeks off for me to be able to concentrate and seriously think about my action plan.

We've decided to take measures in bringing my skills up in the travel industry by taking online destination and product web trainings. I've also gone and set up some meetings with suppliers to be able to do some bit of networking as well. So far, I have done baby steps, but in time these will make a big difference in increasing my confidence again. After all, I have taken a good one year off to take care of the little one. It's about time I sharpen my dormant skills. Either I do this now, or I will end up wearing scrubs and take on a totally different career in medicine! At least I know the website to source them if needed : http://ww…

Cupcakes on this gloomy Saturday

I've put my baker's hat on and baked two dozen cuppies, since my in-laws are arriving tonight! It has been a month since I've baked, and so I was eager to make some. I actually should have tried decorating the icing using a piping thing. Hmm. I should bake again soon so I could try that.

We're not done yet cleaning the whole apartment, but the rain's been pouring since early this morning.. lazy cleaner in me. I could only manage to bake the cupcakes, and make lunch :)

Trying on dresses

.. In my dreams! I wonder what that means? Does it have anything to do with the impending domicile move? Or is it signifying a need for a career change? Hmm.
Or maybe, it means I need to buy more dresses! Shopping!! (Not)
Occasionally we dream about things, people, places, and other stuff. Sometimes we forget even what the dream was about, but sometimes we remember.
Last night, for me, it was about attending a college friend's wedding. I was trying on some dresses to wear. Whether I wanted the black polka dot dress, the (baby) yellow and blue dress (??!! ugh, colour scheme problem - well, it was a dream), or the shocking red ensemble. And, it wasn't a simple choice... I based the dresses on the black stocking that I was already wearing. Talk about putting an image on a background. My stocking was the blank canvass that needed something to go with it. Usually it was the other way around right? But no, not in my dream. The dress HAD to match the stocking I already chose.
I guess in …