Sunday, January 25, 2009

How do I undo?

How do I un-memorize my credit card number? Now, when I find something online and I want it bad (or not), I have to count to 100 to try and resist the temptation!! Yikes!!

In the beginning, I thought I would not belong to this group of people, like my clients, who've memorized their numbers by heart. As if it was something precious to them. And now, I am surfing the net for this make up brand, and I am tempted. Should sleep it off. Tomorrow, maybe I would have forgotten. Or, maybe not.

(disclaimer: i am a responsible credit card owner with none or little balance off my card. :) But still, perhaps it's low EQ that I have).

Back to School Chika

I've just found out that I have been offered a space for my postgrad course! :) How exciting! I will be doing it part time though. Together with a friend, and I heard her friend too is going to be part of our class. We start in about a month and a bit. I wish I could buy a Prepaid Phone Card now so I can call my sister and tell her the good news (have already told my parents!). I should keep a mental note about keeping a stack of Phone Cards in my wallet should I have the need to call home!

If everything goes well with this new area of study, I may be able to explore or branch out into another career. Or perhaps, incorporate this new one to my being a travel agent. Ever since I met this friend, we have always just been talking about one day starting our own migration business. Maybe, if we do well and stay on track with this thought we are much closer to our goal (to think we were only half serious back then!).

Okay, I think I just remembered that I do have a stash of unused Calling Cards in my old box hidden in my drawer! I just hope that they have not expired yet, as I will need to call my friend in Dubai and Canada as well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And today began

.. Thought it was going to be the usual day. Lucky for me, today I still have my job. So far. Although I know of people in my business unit who have had a meeting and been given their blue file today. And their days in the office are numbered. Sad. Reality hit us today. We've been jacked into conference calls in and out today to get updates from head office about the massive news of job cuts. Everyone's just really head on with what's going on around us, within us. Overwhelming and draining. The day kept dragging on. Seems unreal, feels like a movie. Whose ending is uncertain; looking gloomy. We've been told it's not the end of the saga, just as the world economic atmosphere is constantly changing and so far to the disadvantage of the majority. Wondering when it will end, as we look up to our superiors and they too are faltering.. feeling their way through.. unable to give that reassuring pat that it will be okay, because it won't. The bottomless pit is winding down a long dark hole. Bleak. And, at the moment really all we can do is pray.

I have never felt insecure the way I felt today. I have always been lucky with my livelihood so far, always being offered a job here and there, being 'pirated' by the competitor, etc. But of course that does not have anything to do with now. Reflecting on all this, I think and hope I should be okay. After all, I am constantly being asked to fill in other positions, as I am cross skilled across a bigger range of products. Asked to support other teams. But, really, with all the gradual surprises going on nothing is stable. At all. I just feel for my friend/colleagues affected. Sometimes the grass is as bleakly green as on the other side of the fence.

Got a bit of a headache today from all these. I was too preoccupied to even notice I was not at my apartment's floor. I looked up to find I was at the neighbour's door!

I am just hoping tomorrow would be a bit better at least. But my heart just goes out to those who are in a more stressful situation than myself. C'est la vie.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I wish I can..

..Plan our church wedding soon. Although I have a bit of apprehensions with even trying to plan this, as I have quite a few bad experiences trying in the past. However, I am hoping that since we are already civilly married then no one would really be trying to contradict our decisions anymore. How much fun it would be booking our church, reception, looking for a bridesmaid dress, arranging flowers and themes, doing up wedding invites, etc. I am just quite happy that I would not have to buy another wedding gown as I intend to use my silk long wedding gown as the base for my dress. I would most likely add beadings and other things to it though. I guess every girl loves dressing up, especially for that much awaited wedding day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Job offer : Island Caretaker on Hamilton Island

I'm not sure if you've read about that Special Dream job ad sponsored by Tourism Queensland? The one which advertised AUD 150,000 salary to live rent-free (in a 3 bedroom villa with gorgeous views) for six months on one of the Whitsundays Islands. The one which deems to be the Best Island Job ever to be advertised. It is apparently taking applicants from anywhere in the world, with no limit to age, etc. The requirements though is to be able to document by video the daily life on the island, be adventurous, be articulate, must snorkel, interact with locals, etc.

The successful applicant is set to start 'work' on July 1, 2009. For more information on this once in a lifetime job opportunity, see (site has crashed recently due to too much interested, but is now up and running again). Application closes by 22 February 2009.

Oh and by the way, whoever gets the job can take partner/children with them to live on this island! I guess I will ask hubby to apply! So he can take me :D
Imagine getting paid a lot, to enjoy this beautiful island. RENT FREE! Cool!

Travel and Luggage

One important thing that is always part of one’s sojourn is a good and reliable Luggage. For the discerning and serious traveler, Designer Luggage may be the way to go just as any durable pretty piece. Perhaps a Vera Bradley Luggage is your type to lug around the airport, or check into a hotel with. My travel companion is a Hartman Luggage which is in a serious black color, with padded straps and countless storage space and pockets. Of course, my hubby would always be part of my sojourn, and his luggage usually matches mine as well. It is just easier to recognize that way.

One time when I went to Mauritius with colleagues we found all five of us with the same color luggage! It was so funny when we realized we were lugging exactly the same color luggage! We had to take a photo right in the middle of busy Melbourne airport!

I guess in each of our travel itineraries, we have our must sees and must brings and must eats. One of my important must take is my five year old favorite hand carry bag. So far I have been blessed not to have lost my bags in transit! (Cross fingers!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's see Venezia

Was researching on the “city of Water” this week, and have stumbled upon the Venice Card. I think this card offers so much and is a great way to see different attractions in this lovely city as it incorporates discounts to transport and culture (museums, churches, etc). I actually even found their website quite useful with the events and transport headings, as in including boat lines and all. Surely when I visit Venice I would get this. Here are just a bit of places to visit when in Venezia:

Grand Canal – The busiest and grandest canal which showcases a myriad of gondolas and water transport.

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) – The most photographed plaza in the heart of the city. An area rich with sophisticated cafes and shops.

Campo Santa Margherita – A popular piazza.

Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio)

Bell Towe (Campanile di San Marco) – The highest architectural building with great views of the city.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Gallerie dell’Academia – Art gallery housing only the finest art collections.

School of St Roch (Scuola di San Rocco)

Basilica dei Frari – A gothic Franciscan church whose interior showcases works from famous artists.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hobbies and Things

At some point in our busy lives, we have tried to take on a hobby. At the moment, my work colleague is seeking for a hobby that she can take up on her own or with her partner. She’s undecided whether to take a sports hobby or a creative hobby. She’s leaning towards taking the sports one though, as she’s recently discovered a Sports club in her suburb. As for me, my hubby and I have our photography hobby to keep us busy although another personal hobby may work for me. Should I possibly try pottery? When I visited a small town in Denmark a number of years back, I have seen a pottery making shop which was interested me. At their shop, obviously they were trying to sell these things so high high fire glazes were used, together with texturing tools and amaco kilns. They were so much great professionals or craftsmen that one could watch them hone their skills so magnificently. Their finished products were so pretty that at that time I wanted to try and make a pot myself. Although I did not intend to make a living out of pottery, they say it can be a good outlet for those bad days. I guess it is quite an investment if I decide to take it on. I know the AMACO/Brent website would be quite helpful to me one day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mauritian dreams

I have been wanting to travel back to Mauritius ever since the minute I got back to Australia. Having been to the gorgeous country last year, I have fond memories of the island which simply draws me back every time I hear about the pretty resorts such as Le Saint Geran, and Le Touessrok. Mauritius is known to be a hideaway for celebrities, millionaires and the like. The unspoilt island’s charm is unreal, and the hospitality of the people just truly amazing. Whoever wants to get pampered, and yet still have enough breathing space to appreciate the scenery and the solitude, must visit this Indian ocean sanctuary. The only thing I could probably wish is that it is not a thirteen hour flight just to visit this paradise. But then again, maybe one knows the whole journey is worth it, just to be able to have a piece of Mauritian life.

There are so much luxury holiday options out there, but only a few destinations which can live up to the exclusive hype. What are the main ingredients for a truly special, memorable holiday? They are Sun, culture, food, great resorts that deliver personal service. Truly Mauritius can offer all this and more. I wish I could hie off to this place right now!

Slumdog Millionaire : Not so much a review

Have you seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire? (subtle spoilers below)

Hubby and I saw it a few days ago, and were quite impressed. Together with the rest of the world (see golden globe news on yahoo news).

Quite inspiring that a non-American inspired film won so much awards. I suppose, the artistic way it has been presented is not your traditional one, unknown characters that were able to deliver (at least most of them, if not the child actors even more). It's so much a reality that some of us may not even be aware, put in a blunt movie plot artistically.

Makes one think, was it really 'written'? Or what? Seemingly leading the main character, Jamal, into where he was meant to be at that time, unfolding series of events that are intertwined and related. All but in a subtle way. Very interesting. Keeps your hands sweaty throughout, thinking what will happen. Not the typical movie we are used to seeing. Heavy artistic drama. Very recommended for a movie night. Kudos to the director and cast.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rain Rain go away

With the weird weather going on around everywhere, it is a bit difficult to keep up with what to wear. Out in the city today, the weather was quite nice to begin with, and then on our way home the weather got cool (borderline chilly with wind factor). Tonight got a bit worse, as hubby was on his way to work we could hear thunder so loud, and then it started to drizzle and then rain. This was a bit annoying, as I could not find our conjugal umbrella. I must have left it at work under my desk or it could be inside one of my millions of bags. Anyway, I don’t like it when hubby walks out in the cold, what more under the rainy on a cold night. Oh well, I suggested he take a cab instead, so he won’t have to brave the rain. He had his windbreaker on him, but he was just being stubborn to wear them, when he just wanted to carry an umbrella with him. We actually have bought quite a lot of this, but a lot of what one can buy here is not the strong kind. One of which even broke within seriously ten minutes of buying it.

I should probably order one from Manila, when my dad comes over, or something. Or, I should get hubby one of those sturdy mens raincoat, which is proven to stand the test of time at the same time is quite pleasing to the eye. For at least, this would save me from worrying about him and the cold nights.

Car Photo Circa 2008

Took this photo last year, one day I was with my family about town.

It happened so fast, a car whizzed past us, and I just snapped. I kind of liked how it turned out. And, the sepia tone created an even melodramatic old era photo-ish.

I must have taken so many photos with my SLR camera and as much as I want to try to organise them all, I can't seem to. Which is frutstrating. Well, at least I am trying to keep up to date with my scrapbooking. So far the latter is being updated.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only time will tell

For the longest time, I had one favorite watch. I’ve had this particular watch for at least 13 years! So it’s been with me through high school, college, post graduate graduation exercises. It is silver in colour and so are majority of my preferred jewelry, which could be white gold as well. I know it would be hard parting ways with this watch who’s been with me like forever. Having said this, I have a bit of a dilemma, since my engagement ring and wedding ring are both originally in yellow gold (had it dipped white gold though for a time), and I am wanting to take it back to its original colour. And, so I will need a new pair of favorite watch! I think this is quite a good excuse for hubby to buy me a two tone watch now. Or, maybe I could suggest that we buy matching citizen watches. I know I would be able to count on this brand since they have been around at least 85 years now. It is so tried and tested over time. Maybe I should surprise hubby and just buy our matching watches as a Valentine’s present!! And then, I could have him buy me my watch. I’d tell him it would be perfect to have a new watch to witness or make succeeding memories with as a married couple!

The constant in my life

I have a constant in my life, and that is my partner/husband/friend/lover. And, although everything I dream, aspire, want and reach in my life changes at some point. He remains. He remains to be my constant, one that stays when all else goes and moves on. Wherever life takes me, I take my constant.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reading glass or Sunnies?

In some parts of the world, winter is in full bloom, while for us in the Southern hemisphere, we are just about in summer. As much as the weather has been going quite crazy like today was pretty chilly, we are meant to feel warmer days next week. Watching the news the other day, I think some parts of the country already is experiencing massive fire blazes in the mountains and open fields. Pretty scary stuff.

Towards the end of the month, myself together with hubby, would be staying a couple of nights somewhere on the beach south of Sydney. A place we haven’t been to together. I am hoping for beautiful sunshine on this weekend, as well as perhaps a new pair of sunnies to match! Or, maybe since I am looking at studying soon, I should just check out for a pair of glasses. I have come across a website which offers heaps of different Holiday frames, ranging in size, design, colour and price. I have chosen my favorite pair (as seen above), and I might try to see if my local store has something similar. Otherwise, I would just need to have it shipped to me in time for classes. Or, should I just buy a pair of sunnies instead?

I might use my brain again..

I know I told myself I wasn't going to study again for a while after coming to Sydney as a student, and have hit books for three years straight... Well, I have just submitted an application again. Of course, it is Postgraduate (again). I will do it part time this time. Not doing it for any visa (to allow me to stay in AU), it's more something I have thought about and decided I wanted to pursue.

If I get accepted/offered a place, I would study on campus part time. Four Subjects, two terms. Interesting subjects if I may say. It's a course under the Faculty of Law, which should be quite a challenge. I'd be studying with a good friend of mine, and we are just both crossing our fingers, praying, hoping that if it is meant for us, then we would get in, do well, pass and then onto greater things. Dreaming for now...

I guess there are some people just born to keep studying, while some decide to drop out from the beginning without really having started yet. I know a few people who seem to be forever studying. I guess, really we never stop learning. Whether it is on campus, or in real life. Either way we hope to pass with flying colours!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Busy Sydney Intersection

In the heart of the city of Sydney there are a few intersections where people are allowed to criss cross the streets from all FOUR points (providing the lights are red in all car traffic direction-- see photo people criss crossing across the somewhat busy intersection). One of it is the intersection of George and Park Streets. This is usually considered the middle of the city, and it is where the Town Hall is located (see building in photo). This lovely architecture of a building witnessed and continues to witness various events such as: classical music concerts, rallies, Chinese new year performances, Bridal shows, to name a few at the top of my head which I have seen or attended. This major public venue has stood in its spot over a century! I am sure it would have an interesting history to it if I was patient enough to research on it.

The college I studied at when I first came to Sydney is located literally about 30 steps from the Town Hall, the Woolworths metro where I used to do a lot of my grocery shopping is just at the corner, coffee bonding moments with family and friends happened within this same block, countless dinner at McDonalds, at least five dozen films watched at the cinema within the same area, etc etc. A lot of my first few memories of Sydney life revolved around this photo.

One photo can ignite millions of memories for this writer, photographer, traveller, student, friend, lover, partner, etc. Really a picture can paint a thousand words. Perhaps even create a whole life story with just one photograph. The power of memory.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lovely Christmas Pressies

Once in a while, my sister and I chat and we just exchange photos of pretty little things such, other wise known as Jewelry, Engagement Rings. We are both ring lovers. And since she is single but attached, and ever since we were young, she would obsess about getting engaged and tying the knot. Now she does it a little bit more often than me. Now that I am off the shelf, I don’t really indulge as much anymore. But of course, I still listen to her and comment on the lovely photos or links that she sends me about her current wish list goodie!

Just before Christmas, I was telling her to pick from a website what ring she wanted. Told her I’d get it for her for Christmas. And, asked her to pick other jewelry items for the rest of the family. And, then before ending the chat I told her to go and print them off the computer because these lovelies were my Christmas present!! She did, and gave the print out to the rest of my family! Haha! Oh well, I wish next year I could hand deliver my present to them. Although, most likely it will not be those expensive Diamonds or rubies!

The View

I used to see you every day
From my window sill
I'd stare
Thinking how busy you are
And how I would like to get away from it all.

Now, I look
And see nothing close
Nowhere near
It's just me alone
Wishing you're near.

(Photo from WikiPilipinas)

Are you a jewelry person?

I don’t think I am. But two things I know I can appreciate are Pearls and Diamond Jewelry. I wear pearls mostly everyday (occasionally I try a funky pair of fancy ones) and wear Diamond Earrings or Diamond Necklace on special occasions. I have a few which has been passed on to me by mum, and I love them! Hubby has also given me a few pieces which I so very much love as well! I know would pass these pieces to my future daughters as well.

Recently while window shopping I have been winking at my love, about getting me this really nice ring. He still hasn’t got the message yet, but I am sure if I get a bit more obvious he’d get it!

Okay, I should probably rephrase, I am not an accessories person, but I like jewelry. Enough said.

Family and Food

Oh how I wish I was in Manila now spending weekly dinners out with my family, or going on out of town trips with them. Or, even just to spend at least a weekend with them once a month is enough for now. (hehe).

My family just loves trying the new restaurant in town. We live right smack in the middle of Ortigas Center that's why. Being one with the city is a way of life, a part of our system. Should I say WAS. But, really I know I will always be a city girl, anywhere or wherever I am.

Anyway, I am missing them at the moment. Start of a brand new year can possibly do that to one. On an early gloomy, quiet saturday it can. Maybe cause I am about to marinade our grilled pork lunch, and I am wishing I could have lunch out instead. But of course, going out for meals in Sydney is a luxury one should sparingly indulge in otherwise go broke. Or, maybe I just wish someone could clean dishes for me, or set the table. Not. These are probably just my way of missing family and home. And, the countless conversations we have over Japanese, Thai, Filipino, or whatever cuisine. Or, even just home prepared bread, adobo/etc flavour tuna in jar (? forgot what its called), salad, cabanossi, olives, cheese and wine. We were never conventional in this way as my mum is not a big cook although she claims to be. So, most of the time we have takeaway or eat out next door (at the mall).

Anyway, I have to do my porkchop now.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Busy last day of the year

I’ve had the busiest last day of the year on the 31st of December that I vowed to myself to make use of the coming year’s holiday leave! Considering I’ve only just come back from a four day Christmas weekend away with hubby, I am already eyeing to have Manila or jamaica all inclusive resort holiday away. I know this may not be as feasible because I will be studying a course this year, but I can always dream right? Just like I am dreaming of caribbean weddings, either for myself or to attend perhaps just to get away from my usual work life.

Speaking of work, they have actually been promoting aggressively again the work and life balance in the workplace. I suppose given that the economic crisis is not getting better that quick, the management is encouraging us to take time off and use up our leave allowances to spend time with family. They are even approving a lot of unpaid leaves at the moment. This tactic is what big companies usually do, to make use of downtime. I might as well go back and think about planning my romantic vacations then! Yes, you read it right, vacations as in plural. I know I have one down for the end of this new month! Just another three days away from the city, and closer to the beach.

The big 4-0

Turning 40 soon has had me thinking about a few things lately. One, major one is whether to have another baby. Hmm. I guess this is partly n...