Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lovely Christmas Pressies

Once in a while, my sister and I chat and we just exchange photos of pretty little things such, other wise known as Jewelry, Engagement Rings. We are both ring lovers. And since she is single but attached, and ever since we were young, she would obsess about getting engaged and tying the knot. Now she does it a little bit more often than me. Now that I am off the shelf, I don’t really indulge as much anymore. But of course, I still listen to her and comment on the lovely photos or links that she sends me about her current wish list goodie!

Just before Christmas, I was telling her to pick from a website what ring she wanted. Told her I’d get it for her for Christmas. And, asked her to pick other jewelry items for the rest of the family. And, then before ending the chat I told her to go and print them off the computer because these lovelies were my Christmas present!! She did, and gave the print out to the rest of my family! Haha! Oh well, I wish next year I could hand deliver my present to them. Although, most likely it will not be those expensive Diamonds or rubies!


Raft3r said...

happy new year, marie!!!

jenifer said...

Thanks for linking the Blue Nile.!! Its my favorite online jewelry store.

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