Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to School Chika

I've just found out that I have been offered a space for my postgrad course! :) How exciting! I will be doing it part time though. Together with a friend, and I heard her friend too is going to be part of our class. We start in about a month and a bit. I wish I could buy a Prepaid Phone Card now so I can call my sister and tell her the good news (have already told my parents!). I should keep a mental note about keeping a stack of Phone Cards in my wallet should I have the need to call home!

If everything goes well with this new area of study, I may be able to explore or branch out into another career. Or perhaps, incorporate this new one to my being a travel agent. Ever since I met this friend, we have always just been talking about one day starting our own migration business. Maybe, if we do well and stay on track with this thought we are much closer to our goal (to think we were only half serious back then!).

Okay, I think I just remembered that I do have a stash of unused Calling Cards in my old box hidden in my drawer! I just hope that they have not expired yet, as I will need to call my friend in Dubai and Canada as well.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on getting into grad school! what will you be studying? ;-)

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