Saturday, January 03, 2009

Family and Food

Oh how I wish I was in Manila now spending weekly dinners out with my family, or going on out of town trips with them. Or, even just to spend at least a weekend with them once a month is enough for now. (hehe).

My family just loves trying the new restaurant in town. We live right smack in the middle of Ortigas Center that's why. Being one with the city is a way of life, a part of our system. Should I say WAS. But, really I know I will always be a city girl, anywhere or wherever I am.

Anyway, I am missing them at the moment. Start of a brand new year can possibly do that to one. On an early gloomy, quiet saturday it can. Maybe cause I am about to marinade our grilled pork lunch, and I am wishing I could have lunch out instead. But of course, going out for meals in Sydney is a luxury one should sparingly indulge in otherwise go broke. Or, maybe I just wish someone could clean dishes for me, or set the table. Not. These are probably just my way of missing family and home. And, the countless conversations we have over Japanese, Thai, Filipino, or whatever cuisine. Or, even just home prepared bread, adobo/etc flavour tuna in jar (? forgot what its called), salad, cabanossi, olives, cheese and wine. We were never conventional in this way as my mum is not a big cook although she claims to be. So, most of the time we have takeaway or eat out next door (at the mall).

Anyway, I have to do my porkchop now.

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