Saturday, January 10, 2009

Only time will tell

For the longest time, I had one favorite watch. I’ve had this particular watch for at least 13 years! So it’s been with me through high school, college, post graduate graduation exercises. It is silver in colour and so are majority of my preferred jewelry, which could be white gold as well. I know it would be hard parting ways with this watch who’s been with me like forever. Having said this, I have a bit of a dilemma, since my engagement ring and wedding ring are both originally in yellow gold (had it dipped white gold though for a time), and I am wanting to take it back to its original colour. And, so I will need a new pair of favorite watch! I think this is quite a good excuse for hubby to buy me a two tone watch now. Or, maybe I could suggest that we buy matching citizen watches. I know I would be able to count on this brand since they have been around at least 85 years now. It is so tried and tested over time. Maybe I should surprise hubby and just buy our matching watches as a Valentine’s present!! And then, I could have him buy me my watch. I’d tell him it would be perfect to have a new watch to witness or make succeeding memories with as a married couple!


Constance Chan said...

i had a citizen watch since i was about 10years.. and i love it.

chinita said...

i love citizen watches! mine was given by my mom when i graduated in high school and its still working!

btw, thanks for hopping along and for the greetings..

cheers for the new year! - pinaywife

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