Sunday, January 18, 2009

Travel and Luggage

One important thing that is always part of one’s sojourn is a good and reliable Luggage. For the discerning and serious traveler, Designer Luggage may be the way to go just as any durable pretty piece. Perhaps a Vera Bradley Luggage is your type to lug around the airport, or check into a hotel with. My travel companion is a Hartman Luggage which is in a serious black color, with padded straps and countless storage space and pockets. Of course, my hubby would always be part of my sojourn, and his luggage usually matches mine as well. It is just easier to recognize that way.

One time when I went to Mauritius with colleagues we found all five of us with the same color luggage! It was so funny when we realized we were lugging exactly the same color luggage! We had to take a photo right in the middle of busy Melbourne airport!

I guess in each of our travel itineraries, we have our must sees and must brings and must eats. One of my important must take is my five year old favorite hand carry bag. So far I have been blessed not to have lost my bags in transit! (Cross fingers!)

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