Monday, January 12, 2009

Mauritian dreams

I have been wanting to travel back to Mauritius ever since the minute I got back to Australia. Having been to the gorgeous country last year, I have fond memories of the island which simply draws me back every time I hear about the pretty resorts such as Le Saint Geran, and Le Touessrok. Mauritius is known to be a hideaway for celebrities, millionaires and the like. The unspoilt island’s charm is unreal, and the hospitality of the people just truly amazing. Whoever wants to get pampered, and yet still have enough breathing space to appreciate the scenery and the solitude, must visit this Indian ocean sanctuary. The only thing I could probably wish is that it is not a thirteen hour flight just to visit this paradise. But then again, maybe one knows the whole journey is worth it, just to be able to have a piece of Mauritian life.

There are so much luxury holiday options out there, but only a few destinations which can live up to the exclusive hype. What are the main ingredients for a truly special, memorable holiday? They are Sun, culture, food, great resorts that deliver personal service. Truly Mauritius can offer all this and more. I wish I could hie off to this place right now!

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