Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hobbies and Things

At some point in our busy lives, we have tried to take on a hobby. At the moment, my work colleague is seeking for a hobby that she can take up on her own or with her partner. She’s undecided whether to take a sports hobby or a creative hobby. She’s leaning towards taking the sports one though, as she’s recently discovered a Sports club in her suburb. As for me, my hubby and I have our photography hobby to keep us busy although another personal hobby may work for me. Should I possibly try pottery? When I visited a small town in Denmark a number of years back, I have seen a pottery making shop which was interested me. At their shop, obviously they were trying to sell these things so high high fire glazes were used, together with texturing tools and amaco kilns. They were so much great professionals or craftsmen that one could watch them hone their skills so magnificently. Their finished products were so pretty that at that time I wanted to try and make a pot myself. Although I did not intend to make a living out of pottery, they say it can be a good outlet for those bad days. I guess it is quite an investment if I decide to take it on. I know the AMACO/Brent website would be quite helpful to me one day!

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