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My mind is filled with post its

I cannot believe I almost forgot my blogger password! It's been that long since I've visited this page. Unintentionally. Really.

So, at the moment, my mind is filled with post it reminders and notes and lots of other important things, and not important ones too. Blogging for a while was just at the bottom of that long long list. But I've missed jotting my thoughts down. Really.

I don't even know where to begin now. I'm a clutterbug with random thoughts going on in my head. Now.

Where do I begin?

I suppose I wanted to make an entry entitled things I learned during my first year as a mum, but I doubt I can make an entry with a logical and chronological wave of thought.... So, I should probably just blurt my thoughts out in one go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Little B turned ONE a day before we headed off to Manila for a two week (turned three and a half weeks) holiday..... I am now a mum to a toddler! No longer a novice at this motherhood phase of my life .. but definitely not yet an …