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Almost Winter

The search for my ultimate winter boots is on!
Well, Autumn is almost over soon, and I want to be ready for the winter this year, by buying myself a pair of boots. Ever since I got here about 5 years ago I've been wanting to buy one! In Manila I never really had the reason to wear them (well of course, lest I look silly donning a winter boot in Sunny Manila!).
I'm thinking what style to buy, and whether to buy a brown or black one. Or white?? Hehe. I think I most likely will stick to a black one for my first buy.
Most likely a plain but gorgeous one. Not too shiny not too dull. I was looking at a UGG boot as well. But I think thats a bit quite over for winter here. It's not like we get snow here. But then again. I still may buy one! Hehe!
I should probably check out what they have at Myer. Or some other shop at the Pitt Street Mall.

Europe Travel in 2009?

Today I spoke to a friend in Dubai who's got a colleague that transferred from Sydney to Dubai in the hope of a change of work environment. She's mentioned about her colleague not being able to get a working holiday visa because she was aged over 30. This gave me an idea to try to get a working holiday visa in case I get my Aussie passport before I turn 31. All is up in the air about that. But in case I do get my passport with enough time to process that, I could opt to get a work visa for either the UK or Canada. If not, then I should just be content with travelling to Europe or America.

I've been planning my Europe trip in my head for the longest time, working out the cities that I would be visiting. One city that I intend to go to is Riga, in Latvia. I've seen quite a number of Riga apartments for rent, which may be the better way to go if I intended to stay in the charming city for at least a week. We all know how expensive staying in hotels can get, and I intend to…

Kids' Q

Val's tagged me!

Copy here:
1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D. Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel!
2. Add your name (linked to your blog)
3. Tag everybody else!

Kid’s Question #1 If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

MY ANSWER: Of course a good and fair ruler. I'd eliminate greedy and I'd take control over everybody's wealth. Materially Rich and poor will be out of the dictionary because everyone will have fair access to wealth!

Jhong, Alpha, Em, Something Purple, Bigeyedgal, Chronic Shopper, Coriander Dreams, ADD YOUR LINK HERE

Grab the tag if you may! :)

Laser Skirmish in Sydney

This weekend my siblings and I are going to play laser skirmish in a city called Gosford, which is in the northern part of Sydney. We've been talking about it, getting all excited about playing against each other. Unlike laser tag, laser skirmish is played outdoors. We'd be all geared up in camouflage, BDU pants, hats, the whole outfit that one uses in combat! This will be a first time for all of us, and we are pretty enthusiastic about the activity. I could just imagine running and hiding through acres of battlefield. I am really just hoping the weather is good this weekend. Otherwise, I suppose playing in the rain would be fun too!

What do you get out of blogging?

At one point, some point in time, we need to express ourselves, beyond the real world (where we often times coat our feelings and words with a happy mask). The world wide web is such a great tool to be able to say what one wants without having to wear a happy mask. It is easy to write something about anything. But an entry written without any emotion attached to it, is like a soul-less person writing about life.

I blog for so many reasons and sometimes no reason. I just find my space (this very space I call my home) a place where I can be myself, write about anything I want, whether it is for personal gain, or whether it is to satisfy the need to share information. It can be a blabber about something I have learned, something about what I feel. Any thing. Any place. Any person. Any event. All that I want to save in my world wide web space.

I may write about the most mundane thing to you, but for me it may mean the world. At the end of the day I blog for me. I'm sure a lot out there …

Is there one thing that you truly just can't decide on?

Whether Coke is better than Pepsi, or whether you prefer to spend your vacation be by the beach or in the mountains?

In life there are just so many things that you can't decide on. You figure you'd want to decide based on your feelings for the moment. I feel a bit cold so the choice between hot chocolate and ice cream becomes obvious : have a cup of hot choco to warm you up on a cold day. Or, you've felt like eating fish for dinner at a restaurant, thus choice between red or white wine is apparent : white wine goes with fish.

Sometimes we are just so preoccupied with wanting to decide, but oftentimes the situation decides for you. You are hoping so. For life to just unfold in front of you. But then again are you willing to wait to be put to bedrest before saying I need a break from work? Or will you read the signs: sleeping on the job, wrinkles, prolonged daily headaches, to be able to know better before involuntarily being led to a decision.

Life is not as easy to decide on.…

Anyone with a Green thumb?

Every once in a while one stumbles upon fine inventions or best buy finds that make our lives easier. I am not really much of a plant person, as my thumb is the least green. Having said this though I have always dreamed of having a neat garden when I get my own dream home. I would most likely need garden stakes to organise my plants. I find this to be the most useful tool particularly with bearing plants. Distinguishing the celery column from the coriander column. Considering I love labels, having garden stakes would allow me to arrange and "catalogue" my plants in my own backyard! I have an aunt who I know would enjoy this as well. She's into labelling boxes, tupperwares, and plastics. And she is into gardening as well. I'm sure she's not the only one out there who fit the description: neat gardener.

Garden stakes purchased from come in various sizes and styles, and are made from galvanized steel wire thus rust resistant. Hopping onto their…

What's your thoughts on Camping?

Every been on a camping trip? My family and I were meant to go camping while they are here on vacation. I was actually already looking at campsites, and have found Glenworth Valley to be quite a good one. With activities such as: kayaking, abseiling, horsebackriding, quad bike tours, bushwalking, and even laser skirmish!
As much as I am a girly girl, I have recently been wanting to try to camp outdoors one day. I am probably not ready for the full on camping with no highway in sight or even no toilet within walking distance. I would love to experience though sleeping under the stars, hearing the cricket sounds to lull me to sleep, and wake up with sunshine streaking through the tent window. I am not prepared to see spiders and snakes though and everyone knows that Australia is spider country (and snakes too!)So, Glenworth Valley would've been perfect. If only the people I was going with were game about it. But they're not! So, we have opt to stay at a motel in the closest town,…

Work news life

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities. "
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A good colleague friend is moving onto another area in the business as she's told us today. Am a bit sad and yet happy at the same time as it means something better is in store for her. But part of me is selfish as I've become close to her and we are each other's extra hand/head/ears just really helping out in all ways. I suppose that's life. Just when you are getting comfortable things are stirred. Enough to keep one on their toes and go on with unique journey through life. Nothing stays the same. Everyday we learn something new discovering better things out there, leading us to be better "you's" and better "me's". C'est La Vie.

Recycling Plastics

Nowadays, a lot of individuals in households are conscious of disposing of their scraps properly. This is the way to go now, especially with a lot of issues happening in the world we live in eg, global warming, increasing diseases and other things. We live in a world where we should all be responsible for disposing scraps properly. Businesses are involved in this as well. One of the biggest industries that contribute to this is the food industry. With all the fast food scraps, drink bottles, food containers and other snack food packages that goes in transaction each minute of the day this is one area which particularly does a good deal of recycling. One type of plastic commonly found in food packages is High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. Recycling HDPE Scrap or Regrind HDPE (which are flake pieces) business is taken seriously by industries and as consumers we should still be aware of this. Recycle for a better world! I know I have been exposed to this early in my youth and have been c…

QnA for today

1. How late did you stay up last night
and why?
- A bit past midnight. Blogging and researching.

2. What was the first thing you said
when you got up?
- Good morning sunshine!

3. Who were you with friday night?
- Siblings and Hubby

4. Do you think you will be in a
relationship 3 months from now?
- I'm sure!

5. When's the next time you'll see your
- Which one? My Manila friends? Dunno. My Sydney friends. Whenever!

6. What were you doing this morning at
- Still sleeping

7. What radio station do you listen to
the most?
- Nova 96.9

8. What was the reason you last cried?
- I was chopping onions!

9. Have you ever talked to someone when
they were high?
- no

10. What are you listening to?
- My sister talking with her boyfriend

11. Who was the last two people to
text you?
- Hubby and Friend from Manila

12. What's the fifth text in your inbox
- "Where are you??"

13. How many red lights have you ran?
- I can't remember

14. What high school did/do you attend?

15. What was…

I am a Postie

Finally I am part of the Smorty circle! Smorty connects advertisers to bloggers. It is a place where advertisers can advertise on blogs a to promote a product or service. For writers like me who are wanting to let out creativity and combine that with the passion for writing, Smorty provides this perfect venue and at the same time I can get paid to blog.

Creating my Smorty account was easy and painless. For as long as one's blog is at least three months old and active, not have (excessive) duplicate entries, be indexed by Google and Yahoo, have non-violent and no hatred content, then I am all good. Well of course there are other considerations that Smorty looks into. However, they are only reasonable in making a decision to accept a blogger into their network.

I am looking forward to being an active and involved postie. I know I will be taken cared of by the whole Smorty team. I know that they only have the best interest for posties like me.

Do you remember the New Kids on the Block?

I remember when I was in Elementary, this was one of THE hottest IN thing ever. Hehe. Well, I guess either you loved or hated them. My best friend loved Joe Mcintyre and looking at him now, well he's turned out to be quite a hottie. See if you can spot them then and now. (Jonathan Knight, Joe Mcintyre, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight). Do you remember that NKOTB craze? Original photos taken from here.

Entrepreneur Wannabe

Ever wonder how you'd do if you were an online merchant? I've always wanted to try my luck in selling cute items that girls would love, possibly handmade jewelry. With Ashop Commerce's ecommerce software , being an entrepreneur couldn't have been any easier. Ashop has made this dream achievable. Although I would probably want to try it out first, it is good that they have the 10 day free trial offer. But I'm pretty sure it would all work out well because Ashop has got one of the best shopping cart software available in the world wide web. Aside from excellent customare care (they have got live chat support tool) they have an intelligent ticket tracker. Really having all the support for a new entrepreneur wannabe as myself this is very much comforting. And as a business person I am definitely attracted to the fact that Ashop Commerce does Web Promotion, has Design Services, even Domain Registration and a whole lot more other tools to choose from. I've had a brow…

Back to Back QnA

Thanks Valerie for this... :)

1. Does anyone know your password? I'm not sure! Gave it to hubbybaby but I think he's forgotten them (to think he was the one who came up with those passwords!)

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds? Cheeseburger

3. Are you an emotional person? Yes! I feel I laugh I cry I emote. I try not to do all at once tho!
4. Do you like your name? Yes.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. I think some people just are lucky to marry the person they fell in love at first sight with. Doesn't always work. You have to know the person before you decide to love them.

6. Ever felt jealous of your friend? Yup! Who hasn't?

7. What was the last thing you did? Gone to Sydney Aquarium. Walk walk walk.. Tired!

8. Who is next to you? No one.

9. Who was the last person you ate with? My hubby and siblings

10. What song are you listening toright now? Four Seasons of Loneliness - Emote!

11. How is the weather right now? Just right. But am sure it will turn…