Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Europe Travel in 2009?

Today I spoke to a friend in Dubai who's got a colleague that transferred from Sydney to Dubai in the hope of a change of work environment. She's mentioned about her colleague not being able to get a working holiday visa because she was aged over 30. This gave me an idea to try to get a working holiday visa in case I get my Aussie passport before I turn 31. All is up in the air about that. But in case I do get my passport with enough time to process that, I could opt to get a work visa for either the UK or Canada. If not, then I should just be content with travelling to Europe or America.

I've been planning my Europe trip in my head for the longest time, working out the cities that I would be visiting. One city that I intend to go to is Riga, in Latvia. I've seen quite a number of Riga apartments for rent, which may be the better way to go if I intended to stay in the charming city for at least a week. We all know how expensive staying in hotels can get, and I intend to travel wisely by staying in an apartment in Riga and use the money I save on shopping instead! It's quite handy that I was able to come across a great website on apartments for rent in Riga. This site is user friendly, showing photos, property description and rates in one page. So clear and straightforward I wish planning for each city was this easy.

Whatever reason or however way am sure I will do Europe next year!

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