Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's your thoughts on Camping?

Every been on a camping trip? My family and I were meant to go camping while they are here on vacation. I was actually already looking at campsites, and have found Glenworth Valley to be quite a good one. With activities such as: kayaking, abseiling, horsebackriding, quad bike tours, bushwalking, and even laser skirmish!
As much as I am a girly girl, I have recently been wanting to try to camp outdoors one day. I am probably not ready for the full on camping with no highway in sight or even no toilet within walking distance. I would love to experience though sleeping under the stars, hearing the cricket sounds to lull me to sleep, and wake up with sunshine streaking through the tent window. I am not prepared to see spiders and snakes though and everyone knows that Australia is spider country (and snakes too!)So, Glenworth Valley would've been perfect. If only the people I was going with were game about it. But they're not! So, we have opt to stay at a motel in the closest town, Gosford, and just head to Glenworth Valley for the day! That will do for now! We are planning to do the skirmish, quad bike and possibly kayak and bushwalk! I am quite excited. I've never done skirmish before and I haven't been to any of the places above.
This is what Glenworth Valley's aerial view looks like:

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