Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Entrepreneur Wannabe

Ever wonder how you'd do if you were an online merchant? I've always wanted to try my luck in selling cute items that girls would love, possibly handmade jewelry. With Ashop Commerce's ecommerce software , being an entrepreneur couldn't have been any easier. Ashop has made this dream achievable. Although I would probably want to try it out first, it is good that they have the 10 day free trial offer. But I'm pretty sure it would all work out well because Ashop has got one of the best shopping cart software available in the world wide web. Aside from excellent customare care (they have got live chat support tool) they have an intelligent ticket tracker. Really having all the support for a new entrepreneur wannabe as myself this is very much comforting. And as a business person I am definitely attracted to the fact that Ashop Commerce does Web Promotion, has Design Services, even Domain Registration and a whole lot more other tools to choose from. I've had a browse through their tutorial movies and demo stores, and so far I am impressed. I am sure this award winning shopping cart software would live up to their name.

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