Laser Skirmish in Sydney

This weekend my siblings and I are going to play laser skirmish in a city called Gosford, which is in the northern part of Sydney. We've been talking about it, getting all excited about playing against each other. Unlike laser tag, laser skirmish is played outdoors. We'd be all geared up in camouflage, BDU pants, hats, the whole outfit that one uses in combat! This will be a first time for all of us, and we are pretty enthusiastic about the activity. I could just imagine running and hiding through acres of battlefield. I am really just hoping the weather is good this weekend. Otherwise, I suppose playing in the rain would be fun too!


Raft3R said…
that would be so much fun
playing in the rain is awesome!!!
Caramel Corn said…
hi i've got the world wide link tag for you :P
it's still raining here! gosh will give an update on that. rain or shine it's still on! :)

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