Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing up

Last year just when I was coming off from my previous employer I was caught off guard about the income protection insurance I had subscribed to. It did not cover maternity reasons. I suppose I should have read the fine print and must have taken note of this. One good thing that that experience has brought me is that I pay more attention to details as such. Since then, I have taken out a few things (medical insurance, membership and other contract agreement) at which I have made sure I read all points, headings, sub headings and fine print at least three times. I also asked the other party when I had questions relating to the service or product I was subscribing to. I can now proudly say that I am better at it, and more confident in asking relevant questions! I suppose that is part of growing up. Learning from previous experiences and moving on.
Speaking of growing up, I cannot believe my little one just passed the nine months mark! She is growing too fast, and learning so many new things! I am glad that the Australian dollar to US dollar conversion is good now, so I can do more toy shopping for the little girl!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ideally this would be me

Ya, ya ya, the picture I wish was me working at home. Poised, composed, neat.

But not!

Since officially starting work at home last week, I have been calm, but not poised. The house is a mess. I guess I am just about to make my (our) routine. Not as easy. A baby does not have the best routine. But I suppose that should not throw me off my goal. Working from home would work, and I will make sure it does.

Although it means being able to time my calls in B's good, silent moods. Checking and replying to emails quickly. Doing my research with one hand feeding B, while the other is typing away.

Well of course this only happens in the beginning. Things will be better. Before I know it the little one is not so little anymore, and I would have mastered the art of juggling my time. For now, I look at the photo above and feel hopeful that everything is possible. After all, (its my secret) I am supermom! Hahaha!

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