Monday, June 30, 2014

One step at a time - licence alert!

A lot of things in life (mainly about achieving goals) involve starting with the first step. Going steady, maybe slowly, eyes on the goal mini-steps.

This week I achieved something which i have been pushing aside, delaying, avoiding, and for some odd reason - just have not wanted to get - no matter how much I say I have wanted to. Nearly 12 years in the making (see this post).... finally got my learner's driving licence!!!! And, to think I actually KNOW how to drive (I used to be a truck driving lady in Manila!).

Ok, so that's over and done with (No less than a perfect score of 45/45 in the computer knowledge test!). Now onto the real thing - the driving test. Gulp. Big gulp. Okay, it should really be no biggie - but nearly everyone I know says everyone fails the driving test the first time around!! Triple Gulp.

I got my Migration Licence many years back (after one full year of studying law), I had a baby (but yes I thought going through labour pains would be easier than getting my driver's licence!). All these and many more I felt was easier to achieve than the NSW driver's licence.

Well hopefully this small step is the pre cursor to getting my full licence sooner than later! I don't think I can wait another 10 odd years for that!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Peninsula Paris - Celebration in the making

The Peninsula Paris preview (
I am giddy and excited about Peninsula Paris opening in August 2014! I have always believed in the brand and I am sure there are fans out there waiting for this grand opening - which is the first Peninsula hotel in Europe. For many years the Peninsula has managed to preserve the luxury brand and keep that high level of quality in each of their hotels. Growing up in Manila, where Peninsula maintains one hotel, I am always transported to another world every time I enter their grand lobby to attend a wedding or another celebration.

I have read that for the BIG inauguration, other Peninsula properties are celebrating it French style. The luxurious Peninsula Hong Kong will be having a "Moet & Spa" package which includes a heavenly spa treatment. While the Peninsula New York will be showing some classic French films on the hotel rooftop.

The magnificent Rolls Royce at the Peninsula Hong Kong (
If Peninsula can make our four legged furry friends feel special, what more US !! (Yes, they have special packages to cater to our pets at the NYC Peninsula).

Peninsula New York grand staircase (

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finding time

Time is always lost, spent, wasted or just never enough. Of course, I know that's not true - we all have 24 hours in a day and time management is always the key.

I am finding that it is a constant choice between our many priorities in life. Really it is about simple living. Choosing to 'spend' time on what is important to us. When one is single it is not a hard choice - it all is about me, me and me. And what I want. Time seems to be abundant when we are single.

However, this changes when we have a partner, and when one has a child - and all the more if one has child-ren. It will be a struggle to find time to do things that I need to do, what more find 'me' time.

What is your me time about? If I had my way and if I had 'spare' time in my hands I would love to:

1. Sleep more!!
2. Write more often. Blog more often. Journal my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
3. Organise my past 5 years! I have slacked organising my files, pictures and other stuff. I have also a half empty scrapbook which I've been wanting to do ever since.
4. Bake more often & learn to cook proper dishes.
5. Catch up with friends more often.
6. Exercise.
7. Travel with friends(ok, this will probably take more time than I need or am ready to take)
8. Read books.
9. Learn something new or take up a new hobby. It has been a while after all since I last took up a course/skill randomly.
10. Have a massage. My ultimate 'me time' indulgence.

If you are like me, half of the time where I find myself with spare time - I end up not doing anything!! I guess because "me times" are rare and so when it happens I am overwhelmed the number of choices to do!
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