Monday, March 02, 2015

Brazil’s Best Beach Destinations for 2015

When most people think about Brazil, Rio de Janeiro probably pops into mind first. With its alluring beaches, famous carnivals and other activities, Rio de Janeiro is a tourist favorite. However, there are several other destinations in Brazil that have just as much to offer, including nature, great food, water activities or walks on the beach.

Corumbau, Bahia, is the ideal destination for those who want to take advantage of the beautiful Brazilian beaches, but prefer a quieter and less-crowded atmosphere. This is a small fishing village that is known for its stunning sand and its clear blue water. The underwater coral formations are also popular, making this a perfect snorkeling spot. Swim with the fish and get up close and personal with the exquisite coral formations. Nature lovers will be in awe over the variety of birds that call this area home and will take full advantage of the walking trails. Since it is small, it is limited to only a few beachside hotels, but travelers will not be disappointed with what they find once they reach this beach destination.

Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, is another hidden gem. This destination is even more remote because visitors must take a boat or walk across the island to get to the beautiful beaches. This area is part of a protected nature reserve, perfect for those looking for a little nature and some adventure. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sand that seems to flow right into the crystal clear water and of rock formations that give a spectacular view of the beach and land below.

For those looking for a little more excitement, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, is where to find it. The locals here are very active, so guests can join in a friendly game of beach football or simply sit back and watch the action. Food and drink vendors line the road during the day, ready to serve up great local cuisine. At night, guests can head to the strip located just across the road to enjoy the lively restaurants, cafes and bars. With all the choices, there is definitely something available to please even the pickiest guest.

Taipus de Fora, Bahia, is located along the coast on the Marau peninsula. This area, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, is a great family location and a big lure for surfers. The kids can head over to the lagoons and the calmer areas to enjoy a little swimming or snorkeling. This area is known for its large coconut trees, which definitely give the beach a tropical vibe. Those looking for a little relaxation can head over to the lounging area to sit under an umbrella. This is the perfect destination for those who want water activities and beach relaxation.

Jericoacoara, Ceara, is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. This area features a remote beach for those looking for a little peace but it’s also close to the bustling destination city, Fortaleza. Guests can relax all day on the appealing quiet beach, and then head into the city to see what the nightlife has to offer. Rock formations found at the end of the beach provide a picture perfect setting. Areas of the beach closer to town offer food and drink options, including some well-known cocktails. Be sure to try kite surfing, a popular sport in this region.

Although Brazil is known for its tropical weather and great beaches, it has so much more to offer. Take a break from your beach adventures to enjoy world-renown cuisine, famous nightlife hotspots and cultural excursions.

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