Monday, June 30, 2014

One step at a time - licence alert!

A lot of things in life (mainly about achieving goals) involve starting with the first step. Going steady, maybe slowly, eyes on the goal mini-steps.

This week I achieved something which i have been pushing aside, delaying, avoiding, and for some odd reason - just have not wanted to get - no matter how much I say I have wanted to. Nearly 12 years in the making (see this post).... finally got my learner's driving licence!!!! And, to think I actually KNOW how to drive (I used to be a truck driving lady in Manila!).

Ok, so that's over and done with (No less than a perfect score of 45/45 in the computer knowledge test!). Now onto the real thing - the driving test. Gulp. Big gulp. Okay, it should really be no biggie - but nearly everyone I know says everyone fails the driving test the first time around!! Triple Gulp.

I got my Migration Licence many years back (after one full year of studying law), I had a baby (but yes I thought going through labour pains would be easier than getting my driver's licence!). All these and many more I felt was easier to achieve than the NSW driver's licence.

Well hopefully this small step is the pre cursor to getting my full licence sooner than later! I don't think I can wait another 10 odd years for that!!

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