Monday, July 14, 2014

High School Life Trapper Keepers

I read somewhere that Trapper Keeper (by Mead) is making a comeback as a Snapper Keeper! This brought memories of my school days.. wanting a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and finally getting one - since everyone in my class was using this binder to keep class notes in. I remember having this particular one (see below) where I inserted different photos and handwritten notes on the plastic covering. Of course everyone else was doing this too (something to differentiate our binders- lest they all look the same!).

Now this is what the 'new generation' have. Instead of velcros - a button! I think the velcro one is better (and way more cool)!

I guess since my old Trapper Keeper is considered vintage says a lot about my generation - or how old we are now! To go back down memory lane, here is an album that I'm sure you would have had or know someone who had one : Vintage Trapper Keeper.

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