Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anyone with a Green thumb?

Every once in a while one stumbles upon fine inventions or best buy finds that make our lives easier. I am not really much of a plant person, as my thumb is the least green. Having said this though I have always dreamed of having a neat garden when I get my own dream home. I would most likely need garden stakes to organise my plants. I find this to be the most useful tool particularly with bearing plants. Distinguishing the celery column from the coriander column. Considering I love labels, having garden stakes would allow me to arrange and "catalogue" my plants in my own backyard! I have an aunt who I know would enjoy this as well. She's into labelling boxes, tupperwares, and plastics. And she is into gardening as well. I'm sure she's not the only one out there who fit the description: neat gardener.

Garden stakes purchased from come in various sizes and styles, and are made from galvanized steel wire thus rust resistant. Hopping onto their website to purchase these organising tool is a gardener's heaven as the site is easy to navigate. For United States and Canada residents they even offer a free brochure! And to those who are living elsewhere, like myself, purchasing these handy garden stakes would not be a problem as shipping is available for shipping to anywhere in the world.

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