Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reading glass or Sunnies?

In some parts of the world, winter is in full bloom, while for us in the Southern hemisphere, we are just about in summer. As much as the weather has been going quite crazy like today was pretty chilly, we are meant to feel warmer days next week. Watching the news the other day, I think some parts of the country already is experiencing massive fire blazes in the mountains and open fields. Pretty scary stuff.

Towards the end of the month, myself together with hubby, would be staying a couple of nights somewhere on the beach south of Sydney. A place we haven’t been to together. I am hoping for beautiful sunshine on this weekend, as well as perhaps a new pair of sunnies to match! Or, maybe since I am looking at studying soon, I should just check out for a pair of glasses. I have come across a website which offers heaps of different Holiday frames, ranging in size, design, colour and price. I have chosen my favorite pair (as seen above), and I might try to see if my local store has something similar. Otherwise, I would just need to have it shipped to me in time for classes. Or, should I just buy a pair of sunnies instead?

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