Friday, January 02, 2009

Busy last day of the year

I’ve had the busiest last day of the year on the 31st of December that I vowed to myself to make use of the coming year’s holiday leave! Considering I’ve only just come back from a four day Christmas weekend away with hubby, I am already eyeing to have Manila or jamaica all inclusive resort holiday away. I know this may not be as feasible because I will be studying a course this year, but I can always dream right? Just like I am dreaming of caribbean weddings, either for myself or to attend perhaps just to get away from my usual work life.

Speaking of work, they have actually been promoting aggressively again the work and life balance in the workplace. I suppose given that the economic crisis is not getting better that quick, the management is encouraging us to take time off and use up our leave allowances to spend time with family. They are even approving a lot of unpaid leaves at the moment. This tactic is what big companies usually do, to make use of downtime. I might as well go back and think about planning my romantic vacations then! Yes, you read it right, vacations as in plural. I know I have one down for the end of this new month! Just another three days away from the city, and closer to the beach.

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