Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Busy Sydney Intersection

In the heart of the city of Sydney there are a few intersections where people are allowed to criss cross the streets from all FOUR points (providing the lights are red in all car traffic direction-- see photo people criss crossing across the somewhat busy intersection). One of it is the intersection of George and Park Streets. This is usually considered the middle of the city, and it is where the Town Hall is located (see building in photo). This lovely architecture of a building witnessed and continues to witness various events such as: classical music concerts, rallies, Chinese new year performances, Bridal shows, to name a few at the top of my head which I have seen or attended. This major public venue has stood in its spot over a century! I am sure it would have an interesting history to it if I was patient enough to research on it.

The college I studied at when I first came to Sydney is located literally about 30 steps from the Town Hall, the Woolworths metro where I used to do a lot of my grocery shopping is just at the corner, coffee bonding moments with family and friends happened within this same block, countless dinner at McDonalds, at least five dozen films watched at the cinema within the same area, etc etc. A lot of my first few memories of Sydney life revolved around this photo.

One photo can ignite millions of memories for this writer, photographer, traveller, student, friend, lover, partner, etc. Really a picture can paint a thousand words. Perhaps even create a whole life story with just one photograph. The power of memory.

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