Thursday, January 08, 2009

I might use my brain again..

I know I told myself I wasn't going to study again for a while after coming to Sydney as a student, and have hit books for three years straight... Well, I have just submitted an application again. Of course, it is Postgraduate (again). I will do it part time this time. Not doing it for any visa (to allow me to stay in AU), it's more something I have thought about and decided I wanted to pursue.

If I get accepted/offered a place, I would study on campus part time. Four Subjects, two terms. Interesting subjects if I may say. It's a course under the Faculty of Law, which should be quite a challenge. I'd be studying with a good friend of mine, and we are just both crossing our fingers, praying, hoping that if it is meant for us, then we would get in, do well, pass and then onto greater things. Dreaming for now...

I guess there are some people just born to keep studying, while some decide to drop out from the beginning without really having started yet. I know a few people who seem to be forever studying. I guess, really we never stop learning. Whether it is on campus, or in real life. Either way we hope to pass with flying colours!

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