Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trying on dresses

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.. In my dreams! I wonder what that means? Does it have anything to do with the impending domicile move? Or is it signifying a need for a career change? Hmm.

Or maybe, it means I need to buy more dresses! Shopping!! (Not)

Occasionally we dream about things, people, places, and other stuff. Sometimes we forget even what the dream was about, but sometimes we remember.

Last night, for me, it was about attending a college friend's wedding. I was trying on some dresses to wear. Whether I wanted the black polka dot dress, the (baby) yellow and blue dress (??!! ugh, colour scheme problem - well, it was a dream), or the shocking red ensemble. And, it wasn't a simple choice... I based the dresses on the black stocking that I was already wearing. Talk about putting an image on a background. My stocking was the blank canvass that needed something to go with it. Usually it was the other way around right? But no, not in my dream. The dress HAD to match the stocking I already chose.

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I guess in reality, we choose what we want based on a number of criteria: our mood, the event, what we have available, what is appropriate, what he have in our wardrobe. Really, that speaks more than just about dresses, mind you. It could mean principles in our chosen 'Lifestyle', career, home, etc. What is your "Stocking"? What is THE 'blank' canvass that you are choosing other things based on?

I wonder what I will dream about tonight.

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