Saturday, April 23, 2011

Round the easter table

The family gathered around the big Easter lunch table is one thing I've been wanting to experience again. This year, we are celebrating Easter with hubby's parents and I'm sure their company will be enjoyed although we sadly anticipate the last few days of their holiday.

We are heading off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which would prove to be a fun family moment. Particularly for the little girl, who will experience the Easter Show for the first time this year. Surely I can imagine her squealing in delight, pointing at the animals on 'show'. With the rabbits taking center stage as far as she is concerned .. "wabby" as she calls those bunny rabbits.

Hubby would enjoy the Motocross show, featuring jaw dropping stunts and heart stopping motorcycle mid-air moments. There would be a few sports cars that would be doing their usual number as well = speed driving backwards, creating that dusty, amazing stunt. Ok, I do think this is quite fun too.

I'm sure though I will enjoy more the big tents that sell those fun showbags! A guide to various showbags to choose from get advertised in newspapers - enumerating what is inside the bags, etc. A lot of times the showbags get sold out quickly, so this should be our first stop on arrival! Sometimes the showbags include discount coupons, sweet treats, cool toys, etc. Showbag sponsors include: Magazine companies, Confectioneries, Softdrink makers, Toy makers, etc.

In the past, hubby and I enjoyed watching the Side Shows.. although I fing them a bit too gory and strange, we keep coming back to catch a glimpse of those entertaining performances!

Visiting the Easter Show reminds me of festivals that I used to attend back home, although not as similar to others, the whole ambience of being at a venue where the main purpose is to bond with the company you're with (family, friends, colleagues, etc). All that while enjoying the performances, rides, food (think fairy floss! aka cotton candy).. truly this weekend will be a fun way to welcome Easter. Of course, not forgetting the reason behind the season.

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