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That time of the year

Summer has whizzed past us too quick, and now we are back into the pre-winter blues (at least for me). Waking up when it is 5 degrees outside is not enticing for a hibernating momma with little cubs to look after. I am already coming up with indoor friendly and cozy winter activities to do with the little ones and/or the hubby. Here are the ones I have come up with so far:

1. Arts and crafts - This is always popular with my girls. I just have to come up with the materials in advance. It is a big plus if the art does not involve messy materials (such as little confetti bits or pudgy glue). And of course a bigger plus if it takes the kids about half an hour to do (and not those easy 5 minute craft things).

2. Play house - This is a great one for the kids to play in their cubby house. Blankets and pillows are alternatives if an actual play house is not available. Sometimes the blankets and pillows make playing even more fun! (Until the pillow topples over too often leaving the younger ones frustrated). Perhaps adding unbreakable items and utensils from the kitchen could add fun to the play! (Having real food to eat with the tea set is a plus!)

3. Make use of technology - This one is good in limited screen time amounts (both for adults and kids). The tablet for watching those funny and entertaining youtube videos. Then for hubby and I we are always on the lookout for adventure movies watch online. As much as I admit I loved going to the local dvd store, this online streaming craze is so convenient! This website is quite handy :

4. Old fashioned indoor games and board games- chess (my 7 year old is currently into this!), snakes & ladders, dominoes, Cluedo, Scrabble, etc.

5. Paper based games such as "hangman", dot to dot, word search, origami folding, etc.


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