Monday, February 16, 2015

It's about time! Work smarter!

Now that I relatively have time in my hands, I need to learn to work smarter and not harder! I would love love to be able to be productive, earn more and at the same time not have to sacrifice family time with overtime senseless and purpose-less work!

I suppose these three lines should be my mantra.

1. Learn to say "no". I have to learn to choose my battles, learn to choose to use my time wisely and get rid of time wasters. Time is too precious to waste doing unimportant things.

2. Just eat the frog. I think I read somewhere about "just doing it" especially hard when we are avoiding to do something important because it is hard, or uncomfortable, or just stressful. But the more we avoid doing it, the more stressful it becomes. Just like stale food left in the fridge. Take it out the minute it is not edible. Otherwise it gets more rotten ~ more smelly and just gets even more icky to remove from the fridge.

3.  More importantly, prioritise. Some things simply are not worth my time. Some tasks are senseless, leads nowhere, leaves me feeling unaccomplished even after completing it!

Ok, so I hope to achieve to work smarter and not harder, by following these mantras.

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