Monday, November 24, 2008


One thing that I always wanted to do but never got around to doing, or finishing, or ... Is Scrapping. I tried it just when I got to Sydney five years ago, and for a while I thought I would do it quite regularly, but then after a year I just got backlogged, and it just hasn't been updated since. It's a shame, coz I have quite a few things to document..milestones, events, travels, memories... I have put this on my top five things to do before the year ends. Hopefully I get to catch up on a bit. I am crossing my fingers and hoping I really get this done. Soon. :) I know it can be therapeutic to do this activity regularly, and really just to be able to let me creative juices out would be nice.

I really salute everyone who can scrap regularly. I know a few people who do this often, and I am jealous. It's some sort of like a life story, a snapshot of events, summarised in a pretty personalised book. Just thinking about it makes me want to do it right now. :)


Nina said...

This is one project I've always wanted to do but never really started. Do you do traditional or digital scrapping? I know some bloggers doing some digital scrapping and it seems cool!

Coriander Dreams said...

HI Nina, I don't really know how to digiscrap! I do the traditional one. I've got this huge album, with blank pages :) You should start it.. Therapy talaga. And just nice to look at after a while.

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