Monday, November 17, 2008

Over again

There are some movies which I can never tire watching over again. No matter how many times I do watch them they just make me cringe or feel lovey dovey all over again. It's like a chocolate bar that you never get tired of.

Oh well, sometimes I just seem to find myself repeating my favorite movies when I am alone, because I know I don't mind seeing it again. My boyfriend is the same with a few really good movies. But, maybe not as often as me, he loves to listen to the great movie sound effect. Especially when he's got a new toy (eg, subwoofer, dvd player or whatever).

I guess, sometimes like a child we too have our favorite things. Whether it is manifested through a good movie, favorite chocolate bar or meal, or even just a cd. Human nature I suppose, to repeat the experience especially if it's a good one. I guess, I would not mind at all to have a nice long holiday!


aikoaiko said...

i like adam sandler too!

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi aikoaiko! Thanks for the visit! :)

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