Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just like job hunting

They say when one goes into a business franchise it should be something that one is passionate about, because diving into a business is meant to be long term. A few or so years ago I was researching the probable best franchise for myself. I saw a couple that really interested me. However, I did not pursue this nor did I even speak with a franchise broker. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time then, or maybe I should have just made an appointment with anyone who may have known about any small business for sale, but I was not in a rush. Only recently did I find out that there is such a site which I know would try their best to match up the potential business owner and direct to the appropriate and suitable business. I think that this is quite a good thing to consider, that the right business for the right person. I mean, it is easy to just invest money but hard to actually invest one’s time and effort into something is something that needs careful consideration.

Something that crossed my mind just now: I think finding the right business for you is like looking for a job and going for interviews. A business idea or proposal may be appealing in the beginning just like the prospect of starting in a new company where it all seems so exciting and promising. However, when it comes to the actual details, we may realize that this employer may not take us to where we want to go in terms of growth and career. Same with a business. Makes me think now, is there something that I may never grow tired to work for? I guess it’s pretty obvious my choice will still be travel.

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