Friday, November 28, 2008

"Life is too Short..

.. That it is meant to be lived so sweetly."

Cheesy I know, but for the past month or two, my workmate has been repeating this to me over and over again.

True though. So true. Life really can go by too quickly.

I realise I have been prolonging so many stages of my life. Like life is a waiting game. To test your patience. In this instance I can say my patience gets the better of me. Sometimes one just needs to jump, live, take risks, and move forward. Whether people judge you (or me), for making such decisions.. Is really not their concern. At some point a patient person needs to decide. I have. And I just hope everyone can be happy with that.

Deep :) But so True..


spymama said...

agree. we should all smell the roses sometimes...

Toni said...

One way to make life matter more? Say YES more! :D That's a toughie for me because I always like to plan things. Spontaneity isn't my middle name at all. But I find that the more you open yourself to spontaneity, the more life is LIVED. :)

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Spymama, yes of course. Sometimes we forget there are even roses around!

Hi Toni, you are so correct. I am a planner myself, being a travel agent probably has a bit to do with this. Nevertheless, not an excuse. Long live the present! :)

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